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Jesse DePriest State of Readiness Podcast
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Hello and welcome to another edition of State of Readiness. I am your host, Joseph Paris.
My guest today is Jesse DePriest, President of Jesse DePriest Consulting, LLC; Privately held consultancy specializing in Lean including; strategy development and deployment, leadership development, process design and analysis, process improvement, problem solving, teamwork.

I have known Jesse for several years and his story is as American as Apple Pie.

Jessie grew up on a dairy farm in Alaska where he was the youngest of 10 brothers and sisters. Those of you might not appreciate how challenging working on a family farm might, be not to mention that farm being a dairy farm. It starts with understanding that the cows have to be milked twice a day, every day of the year. There is no rest.

But having such a challenging job and its responsibilities (even with 9 others to help out) makes a person both resilient and resourceful. Resilient, in that you better be tough and durable otherwise the job will break you. Resourceful, because the challenges make you want to always find easier and better ways of doing your tasks.

Jesse went to university on an ROTC scholarship at the Oregon Institute of Technology where he earned a degree in mechanical engineering. Afterwards he went into the US Army as an officer flying and tending to Blackhawk helicopters; where he and his unit consistently earned performance commendations.

After his time in the US Army, Jesse entered the private sector working at various manufacturing companies and also banking; which was his last W2 job before starting his consulting practice.

The conversation follows Jesse’s journey and the lessons learned along the way. Topics include his thoughts on; Lean principles and practices, leadership, psychological safety, why most everyone knows what should to create a high-performing organization but consistently fail to deliver it (hint: it has to do with KPI’s), and other lessons learned from his experiences.

An interesting conversation which I am sure you will enjoy.

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