Maintenance that Adds Value to Operational Excellence: “Implementation of TPM in 20 Steps for non-Japanese Manufacturers”

Total productive maintenance (TPM) originated in Japan in 1971 as a method for improved machine availability through better utilization of maintenance and production resources. Within years TPM evolved as a management approach and spread all over the world. T stands for Total, P stands for being Productive and M is representing Maintenance / Manufacturing / Management. TPM has

Total Productive Maintenance: 8 Steps to Better Equipment Reliability, More Capacity & Sustained Improvement

You’ve launched your continuous improvement (CI) initiative. Product lines have replaced process villages. There’s more floor space. Supervisors and executives are closer to the gemba after experiencing 5S, visual factory and Managing for Daily Improvement. Standard work has made abnormalities more visible, and Six Sigma methodology has corrected problems that have plagued the operation for