Trends in Facilities Management: What’s the Impact?

A recent report by CoreNet Global surveyed 100 firms regarding space utilization offers revealed that utilization rates range from 45-65%.  This means that at any moment on average, 55% of the existing office space is vacant. Clearly, there is an opportunity to increase shareholder value. The lack of synergy that exists between corporate governance and financial performance management of many corporate real estate portfolios creates long-term gaps in sustained performance.

Operational Excellence for Facilities Management

Question: What immediately comes to mind when you hear the phrase “Facilities Management”?

If you are similar to the average person, you immediately think of “Janitorial Services”, “Property Maintenance” and other comparable and rather mundane tasks associated with the more superficial aspects of maintaining a building and its surrounding property.  You might even think of routine preventative and remedial maintenance of infrastructure items within the building itself.