Webinar: Improving Improvement – Applying PDCA & A3 to People Development, February 15th 2013

Improving Improvement Applying PDCA & A3 to people development to unlock the full potential of Lean & Continuous Improvement Join Jim Baran, a recognized expert with over 30 years experience in career development, as he unveils a revolutionary methodology to unlock the power of Continuous Improvement techniques toward the development of effective, high-impact team members.

2013-Feb: Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter

Featured Articles: Training & Education – What is the correct value for you? Continuous Improvement: A Fighter Pilot’s Culture of High Performance Customer Focused Continuous Improvement – Beyond Words “Customer Need” Operational Excellence by DesignSM  Issue: 2 February 2013 “Operational Excellence is when the efforts throughout the organization are in a state of alignment for achieving its

2013: New Year’s Resolution – Personal Plan, Do, Check, Adjust

My first article for 2012 addressed New Year’s Resolutions and made the argument that they are a critical requirement for any personal Continuous Improvement program and speaks directly to Plan, Do, Check, Adjust.  A year has gone by and I find that I believe in it still.

I resolved that 2012 was going to be The year of getting things done.

As such, I was not going to start any new projects until the countless partially completed projects were fully completed.  The specific wording was:

Lean Leadership – The Invisible Force by Thomas Thorsted & Peter Knorst

”We started our Lean journey at Ford Motor Company in 1983. Inspired and impressed by the success in gaining market share achieved by the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota we went to Japan to study their means and methods, and we came back with the right recipe. With this is at hand we implemented all the good things we have seen, such as: Quality circle, Kaizen, VSM (called MIFA at Toyota), JIT, Kanban-system and all the other methodologies you can read about in the Lean books. We started to pour all our energy into implementing these tools.