Holiday Wishes from Joseph Paris and the Operational Excellence by Design Team

As we come to the end of another year, we find ourselves reflective of the year’s hard fought battles won and lost, of loves arrived and departed, and of successes and disappointments. With rebuilding spirit, we look with great anticipation to what lay before us in the coming year. And, most importantly, we look to

9 Critical Roles for Top Management in Improvement Programs

The success of improvement programs in most organizations not only impacts their competitiveness, but in many cases also their survival. Programs like Operational Excellence, Lean Transformation, Process Re-engineering, Cost Reduction, etc., are launched with a lot of fanfare, but sadly, they either die an unnatural death after some time or become painfully slow. Much care

Using East of England as a Springboard for Entry Into Europe

Using East of England as a Springboard for Entry Into Europe Specializing in Operational Excellence and leveraging the disciplines of Lean Six-Sigma, XONITEK Corporation is a management and technologies consulting firm that operates worldwide and has a reputation for improving the performance of client companies. Headquartered in New York, the company provides highly-skilled practitioners with real world experience

XONITEK Spices up Fall Revels with Strategic Business Series

XONITEK Spices Up Fall Revels with Strategic Business Series Symposium in Upstate New York  Mike Borzumate, Lean Six Sigma Specialist, XONITEK Systems Corporation, asks the audience to consider where their treasure lies.  Binghamton, New York (November 21, 2006): XONITEK Systems Corporation created some foliage of its own last Friday, November 17th, bringing the colorful visions

XONITEK Strategic Business Series – What’s In Your Tool Kit?

XONITEK STRATEGIC BUSINESS SERIES What’s in Your Tool Kit?: Building Your Strategic Vision Binghamton Club (Binghamton, NY)  November 17, 2006  XONITEK Corporation hosts the XONITEK Strategic Business Series Session “What’s in Your Tool Kit” at the Binghamton Club in Binghamton, New York.  Six expert panelists will deliver presentations on the Lean Tool Kit; Business Intelligence;