Is your OpEx Program Suboptimizing your Profitability?

Many complex manufacturing businesses have come to understand that operational excellence is an on-going process in which companies strive to produce better results.  It has an inherent collaborative nature and typically includes participation from all parts of the organization.  But the challenge in manufacturing today is that the metrics upon which the business silos of

Lean Finance; Breaking Down a P&L Statement and its Components

Nowadays, when we examine financial reports for small or medium sized enterprises (SME), we see that interpretations are being made based only on sales revenues and certain expenses. Since many vital decisions affecting the future of a company are determined by considering only these charts, many decisions are based on incorrect information.

A 4-Point Survival Guide for Turning Personal Financial Crisis into Opportunity

The current financial crisis is driving the world into a global recession. There is no job security anymore. Especially in times of financial crisis you need to be independent, become the CEO of your life and redefine yourself in order to create and attract new creative opportunities. This can be realized successfully according to an innovative four-stage authentic personal branding model, that will be introduced in this article, based on the bestselling book “Authentic Personal Branding:  A new blueprint for building and aligning a powerful leadership brand(Information Age Publishing, USA, 2009).