Root Cause Analysis Tools & Techniques

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is the formal search for an individual or group of interacting true causes of a problem. The trick is to use the right tool to identify the root cause of a problem and not just the symptoms of a problem. It is common to find more than just one root cause to a problem, so be skeptical if you just find one root cause to any problem. RCA can be pointed at any simple and complex problem but the problem solver has to know what technique to use for different types of problems.

Design of a Continuous Improvement Glossary Based Audit System

Recently, technical discussions at a recent company revealed that there were four different meanings for the term “uptime”. In addition, at another global manufacturer, four plants in the same country utilized different definitions of OEE.  Often, the data sources used, as well as the variable definitions and computational procedures are different. Also, plants tend to develop their own excel/access tools.



Wikipedia defines “stuff” as “items, things or matter”.

It goes on to say that; “Stuff” can also refer to a particular woolen cloth woven in the United Kingdom and – somewhat disturbingly – “stuffing” is referred to as a “substance” often placed in the cavities of food items. A “substance”?  Like it’s otherwise unidentifiable?  I don’t know if I can enjoy a Thanksgiving Turkey ever again.