The Outliers Inn | What I did on my summer vacation

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So welcome back to The Outliers Inn!

As is getting to be habit, our co-host Mule has somehow managed to weasel his way out of working his shift with some lame excuse about a traffic jam around Washington DC. How a person can live so long there and not expect traffic; well, perhaps we pick that up another time.

It is a good thing that my irregular regular, Don “the beer man” Burshnick is willing and able to work both sides of the bar.

JP Starts the conversation by sharing and experience from high school about returning from summer vacation. Inevitably the teacher would ask for a 500-word essay sharing what we did on our summer vacation. For me, I went fishing and I went swimming. Now I have to find another 494 words of blah-blah to get up to 500 words.

Maybe that’s why even today we feel we have to add a ton of words to a report to make it “credible” while knowing full well nobody will read after the first page (even if that) while simultaneously ensuring that the messaging in the document will be lost.

And JP and Don share their one thing in common this past summer was that they both had no summer vacation. Although JP won some good money in Saratoga betting on the ponies, he muses that he strung together a couple of days vacation here and there, but most people would simply call that the weekend.

Another regular at the Inn, Stephane, rejoins us. He shares with us that he and his family took summer vacation, and amongst other activities visited Pisa, Italy. His being from Belgium makes it sometimes difficult to understand him; which is why I added a picture of the Leaning Tower when he says “Pisa tour”. He also shares that the clutch in his car failed and that took three weeks to get the work done and it returned. But at least it was summer, and he could ride his bike to work.

And it was a real pleasure to welcome Bernard, a new guest, to The Outliers Inn. Bernard is from Indiana and works at a winery while going to school and raising a family. Even though Bernard has a lot going on, he managed to take a vacation with his family where they played games (including Fortnight) went to the beach, and visited other family members.

So welcome to The Outliers Inn. Open up a legal beverage of your choice and enjoy your stay.

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