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Follow the 5% / 75% Rule

For years, Jason has been an avid exerciser.  Running and weight lifting frequent his routine. With such an active exercise regimen, energizing music is definitely required.  A few years back, those clunky, skip-prone CD walkmans were the newest craze, but they just didn’t cut it for exercise!

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Excellent Customer Service Is Only Necessary If There Is A Choice

Human behavior is as funny as it is interesting.  We take as a given that with which we grew-up as a child – our country, local community, heritage, religion, government – collectively our experience.  We are conditioned to not question that which is “normal” – because that is the way it’s always been.  And not given an alternative…

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Sie brauchen was?! Es dauert wie lange?!

“You need what?!” … “It will take how long?!” I have uttered these two questions more than any others during my move to Frankfurt, Germany.  It seems that everything has involved a considerable process –a rather slow and convoluted process at that.  More often than not, the experience has been frustrating, comical, and largely absurd. …