The Outliers Inn – Episode 44 – German Waste Disposal, Food Waste, Logistics

Topic:  JP shares his challenges with a recent move of premises.  Many of the frustrations involve the discarding of waste in Germany; the myriad of bins and methods of discarding and the confusions that go with their use is but one of the challenges.  The biggest challenge, besides JP holding the opinion that his landlords were assholes; Change-agent of Retail & Logistics

I grew up in Endicott, New York.  Its claim to fame is being the birthplace of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).  In the mid-60’s through the mid-80’s, Washington Avenue (the main retail district) – also known simply as “The Ave” – was a-buzz with retail activities from family-owned retailers such as Burt’s (a department store) and Kline’s (a men’s clothing store).  And I could never forget Elk’s Bakery and their “Black and White Cookies” – the “lunch of champions” during my High School years.

On Gambling, Logic, Statistics – and Project Portfolio Return Optimization

Several years ago, a good friend of mine invited me for a “guy’s weekend” in Atlantic Citywhere we were to stay at the Tropicana.  It sounded interesting enough as he and I always had a few laughs together and I had never really been to a casino before.

In fact, when we arrived at the Tropicana, one of the people at reception asked, “When was the last time you were in Atlantic City?”  My response was, “The last time I was in Atlantic City, there were no Casino’s”.