State of Readiness; Jason Prochilo, Edel Golf LLC

Joseph Paris invites Jason Prochilo, Vice President of Operations at Edel Golf, LLC to join him in a conversation.  Edel Golf is a manufacturer of custom golf equipment specializing in personally-fit putters, wedges, and irons.   Jason primary responsibility is as leader of the putter department and the manufacturing efforts in the company.  Edel manufactures all of their…


State of Readiness – Dr. Cynthia J. Young: Leidos

Cindy is as self-made a person as anyone I have ever met.  After graduating high school and not having any particular skills that were as yet discovered nor the grades or money to get into University, she joined the United States Navy as an enlisted person.  Perhaps she knew, and it’s just as likely she…

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Leaving a Positive and Indelible Mark

As we get older, it’s interesting what we recall from our youth and the impact it had upon us – even if we didn’t know it at the time. For me, I was blessed with having several teachers who supported me and influenced me a great deal. There was Ms. Blair, my 3rd grade teacher….