Execution Support

XONITEK has the proven knowledge, skills and industry expertise to ensure that your company, your plan and your employees make significant progress on the road to Operational Excellence.

From day-one, we deploy highly qualified, experienced executives to teach and implement the disciplines of Operational Excellence to help your company create a sustainable process.

Managing Deployment and Roll-out

Companies that view Operational Excellence as a jigsaw puzzle of projects often lose sight of the ultimate goal. This encourages the consulting firm to take charge and execute the program. This approach may be fast and effective, but may not meet the company objectives or be a workable, sustainable solution.

Speed in early stages leads to fragmented projects that rebel against alignment, compliance and consistency, degrading the company’s ability to manage continuous improvement. Over time, the company falls further behind its industry competitors. Then it becomes more difficult and costly to correct what should have been a primary consideration at the start of the Operational Excellence journey.

Operational Excellence in Action

XONITEK consultants mentor employees and coach them to develop skills. They listen, digest and make recommendations for discussion and consideration before diverging from the company plan.

As your Operational Excellence journey unfolds, additional resource may be required. XONITEK is not a recruiting agency but a provider of Operational Excellence expertise to meet the needs of companies that have a vision and strategy to be the best.

A Sustainable Process

Business Process Improvement is a continuous journey of Operational Excellence, a flexible approach suitable for companies with a variety of needs and expectations, within business environments that change constantly.

Operational Excellence is not all about machines, processes and achieving 110% utilization from what already exists. That approach exerts pressure and is not sustainable. Operational Excellence is an approach that permeates all layers of the company, in support of your mission.

Measured change is the path of progress. By creating a corporate culture that values and encourages change from the inside, your company is positioned not to fear changes due to factors outside your direct control, rather to profit from the opportunities that arise from them.

XONITEK Roles and Goals

XONITEK has successfully established and implemented Operational Excellence strategies in many industry sectors. Clients often return to XONITEK for advice and assistance as their Continuous Improvement journey continues. Relationships founded on openness and trust grow stronger with every assignment.

If you have concerns or questions, Please contact us to discuss opportunities in your company and your market.