Logistical Organization

Logistical Organization

XONITEK is the ideal consulting partner to help you select and optimize management processes and logistical tools that produce measureable gains far in excess of the initial investments.

With hard-won knowledge of how systems interact inside large organizations, our consultants save you from the pain of trial and error in matching logistics to strategies and tactics.

Creating a high-performance organization

Organizations often try to coordinate resources to support a plan without understanding the plan or the circumstances that prompted it. But lacking understanding, they cut corners and miss opportunities.

A clear understanding of the plan helps clarify logistical decisions for all levels of the organization.

The value chain

The value chain encompasses all manual and automated processes that contribute to the end product.

A metrics model provides a clear starting point and a procedure for benchmarking incremental improvements to the value chain. The model also guides decisions. For example, a one-dollar solution might add two dollars to the value chain, while a two-dollar solution might add fifty dollars in value.

Leadership effectiveness & readiness

When leaders are guided by a disciplined process, trusted data, and real-world feedback, they are empowered to seek and gain consensus on logistical decisions.

Such logistical considerations can be handled at the operational level, but only in an environment that includes well-defined strategies and tactics.

Industrial & systems engineering

A company that embraces change is fertile ground for technical solutions that add incremental value.

But Operational Excellence isn’t achieved with plug-and-play technology. Critical factors play a critical part, such as waste management, health and safety, and deployment of personnel.

A culture of Continuous Deliberate Improvement is the ideal soil where disciplines such as Lean Six-Sigma, ToC, TPM, and others can combine with technology to engender sustainable improvements in the value chain.

High-impact, low-drag strategic partner

The business world is filled with solutions in search of problems. Many are highly useful and effective. All vary in their ability to impact the value chain in your organization.

Within the framework of your strategic vision, XONITEK applies methodologies and solutions that improve delivery and profitability.

Transformational culture

Our experienced consultants have a depth and breadth of technical, functional and industrial skills. With return on investment in mind, we assess how the company and its transformational strategies fit.

We bring together experienced, knowledgeable resources to help companies sort through the maze of logistical choices.

Leveraged learning, coaching & mentorship

People are the priority. Our job isn’t finished when we mentor, coach and transfer knowledge, but only when the people of the organization are proficient and equipped to apply knowledge to achieve their strategic objectives.

And our relationships with people never end, as we are always available to offer support, help and guidance long after assignments are finished. Learn more about Execution Support.