Customer Focused Continuous Improvement – Beyond Words: Part 1

Customer Focus – probably the most over-used, misunderstood phrase in business today.  We hear it everywhere… every company is customer focused, every company prides itself on having the highest ratings in customer satisfaction.  More than ever before, companies are spending millions on achieving higher customer ratings.  And yet, Customers are ‘churning’ from one type of TV, phone, kitchen appliance, entertainment system, and even bank to another, and then another. 

Why do Some Dashboards Succeed While Others Fail? by Rita Hadden

At a recent Gov 2.0 Summit, Ellen Miller, a recipient of prestigious technology accolades and an advocate for Open Government who promotes the use of technology to increase transparency, said that the data in the dashboard “is almost useless”. Miller stated that some numbers on this dashboard are “over reporting, under reporting, and not reporting”*, while other numbers are reported late and/or reported incompletely.   She is the founder and executive director of the Sunlight Foundation which backs her assertions with detailed analysis, and has harsh words for other data dashboards show-cased by the Obama administration.

“Guerilla Transformation” – Change an Insurgency into a Movement

Each of us belongs to a community, or network.

In fact, each of us belongs to a great many different networks – with each network being defined by some kernel at its core.  These kernels may be physical, ideological, geographical, genetic, religious, or one of countless other characteristics that might define who we are and to what groups we might belong.

Lean Leadership – The Invisible Force by Thomas Thorsted & Peter Knorst

”We started our Lean journey at Ford Motor Company in 1983. Inspired and impressed by the success in gaining market share achieved by the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota we went to Japan to study their means and methods, and we came back with the right recipe. With this is at hand we implemented all the good things we have seen, such as: Quality circle, Kaizen, VSM (called MIFA at Toyota), JIT, Kanban-system and all the other methodologies you can read about in the Lean books. We started to pour all our energy into implementing these tools.