2013-Apr: Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter

Operational Excellence by DesignSM  Issue: 4 April 2013 “Operational Excellence is when the efforts throughout the organization are in a state of alignment for achieving its strategies and where the corporate culture is committed to the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance AND the circumstances of those who work there –  to pursue ‘Operational Excellence by

Business Challenge: Project Benefit Validation

Business Challenge Business Improvement initiatives are getting a lot of press these days: “…our projects saved over $10M in the first 12 months of deployment using BPM”1. Thus, it seems logical for an organization to jump onto the process improvement bandwagon. Much is promised of business improvement efforts, and there are many capable consultants and

2012-Jun: Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter

Featured articles:The Gemba Beyond the Window;How to Deliver the Full Potential of a Lean Six Sigma Initiative;Email Management is not the problem. Management is. XONITEK eNewsletter June 2012   Operational Excellence by Design – A cross-disciplinary approach in the pursuit of perfection. CHAIRMAN’S PERSPECTIVES  The Gemba Beyond the Window By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies I

Considering Only a Single Perspective Limits Your Point of View to One

We all look at the world from one perspective – our own.  The perspectives we hold are born out of the circumstances of our upbringing and further developed by the experiences we gain during our lives.  As such, one would expect that the perspective of some who have experienced much in their lives will be wider than one whose experiences have been more limited.