strategic vision building

Strategic Vision Building

Before tactics and logistics, before methods and tools, comes strategy. Our Strategic Vision Building process is the starting point for refining, redesigning, or aligning your plan.

Leadership & operational readiness


When a vision is aligned, company leaders—from the executive suite to the shop floor—know what to do, how to do it, and why to do it. But even companies with a powerful vision can fail to align it throughout the organization.

How well is your vision aligned? Ask employees to tell you where the company is heading. If their answers surprise you, the problem may be with your strategy or with its alignment. Either way, there’s work to be done.

Communication & alignment of resources

How clear is your company’s mission statement? Does everyone have a copy? Does your communication strategy increase alignment throughout all layers of the company?

If your communication strategy relies on the spoken word then STOP! Just because it is spoken does not mean it has been heard and understood. A mission statement must be in writing and highly visible to employees, customers and suppliers.

To foster understanding, you must elicit active participation from all layers of the organization in early stages of alignment.

Replication of best practices & sustainability

Misalignment is a symptom of breakdown in communication. Its result is a lack of readiness and capability throughout the company.

Unless the fundamental criteria are in place, (communication, readiness and awareness,) the Operational Excellence program can’t produce process-support alignment, best-practice sharing, knowledge-base development, system replication or program continuity.

Program intensity & accelerating returns

Are your strategies aligned with your vision? Early involvement of Operational Excellence resources ensures less need for change at later stages.

You’re getting it right when departmental heads realize the true value and benefits of expertise in Operational Excellence—when Operational Excellence resources change from a “known internal resource group” to a “strategically required internal resource group”.

The result is that your Operational Excellence program delivers improvements quicker.

Assessing & measuring your Continuous Improvement program

Consulting firms are infamous for presentations that describe how their standard plan can be tailored to meet company objectives. Small firms display their toolbox of bolt-on products. Large firms start with research projects run by junior consultants on expense accounts.

All start with the flawed assumption that they know what you need and how you want it done. They start with tools and methods, not vision and strategies.

Studies of market trends and success rates are fascinating. Tools and methods are sources of endless discussion. But they are not a substitute for strategies that align your vision.

What to expect from XONITEK


XONITEK consultants have walked where you now walk, running successful Continuous Improvement programs at senior level in large, multinational companies.

They focus on strategies and practical application. So at our first meeting, don’t be shocked when we ask you a question then listen to your answer.

And don’t be too shocked when you suddenly realize you have access to industry experts, people who understand and have experienced the concerns and difficulties you may be facing, not academics re-teaching principles learned at management school.

To support your strategies, we deploy top-level resources that advise and support your team and implement tasks relating to Tactical Development.