Operational Excellence

About Operational Excellence

At XONITEK, we define Operational Excellence as:

“Operational Excellence is a state of readiness attained as the efforts throughout the enterprise reach a state of alignment for pursuing its strategies; where the corporate culture is committed to the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance AND the circumstances of those who work there – and is a precursor to becoming a high-performance organization.”

Joseph F Paris Jr, Chairman – XONITEK Group of Companies

Corporate Culture

A well-planned program of Operational Excellence is an opportunity to focus on processes and re-structuring – not a program of reducing headcount, which creates fear and impedes performance.

Transforming fear of change into a mindset of Operational Excellence can ignite a period of intense activity in which new ideas and suggestions for improvement can evolve. This aligns the company and uplifts the corporate culture.

Continuous and Deliberate Improvement

A company never arrives at Operational Excellence; they travel a deliberately planned, strategic path to performance improvement. Not an off-the-shelf solution used and supported by the few, an Operational Excellence program involves transforming roles and responsibilities within an evolving company.

An Operational Excellence program requires detailed analysis and imaginative seeking. No two companies evolve at the same time, at the same pace and in the same direction. Methodology and practices may be similar, but timelines and milestones vary considerably.

Of course, the pace of an Operational Excellence program can be altered, and the pace of continuity can vary. A period of rapid development can be followed by a period of assessing, regrouping and planning for the future. This too serves the continuing cycle of Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence is at the heart of the company, creating an environment for the well-being of the company and its people.

Company Performance

In a culture of Operational Excellence, attainable projected improvements are quantified against real-world conditions, gauged realistically against any constraints on timescales and costs.

Costs tie back to verifiable gains in economic performance, employee output and improvements throughout the value chain. Stakeholder and shareholder investments must have the potential to create increases in returns and share value.

The pay-off is measured in customer satisfaction, increases in orders, faster turnaround times and improvement in the “feel good” factor throughout the company, suppliers and customers.

Employee Circumstances

Success requires navigating from current circumstances to desired circumstances. Programs must improve company performance and benefit individuals; otherwise, they are not sustainable. These need not necessarily equate to a personal financial uplift; less-tangible benefits can also motivate.

Operational Excellence By Design

An Operational Excellence program requires a culture where change is encouraged and supported.

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