Process Improvement

What is Process Improvement?

Process Improvement is the imminent and practical task of identifying, analyzing and improving current business processes within an organization. The aim of process improvement is optimization of process management – to meet new standards of quality. Ideally, it must involve a systematic approach which follows one or more specific methodologies.

Some examples include benchmarking, lean manufacturing and risk management – each of which uses different methods to improve different areas, in order to achieve the best overall results. Business processes can be adapted, complemented, or even eliminated for the ultimate goal of improvement.

When implemented successfully, the outcomes can be measured in the improvement of the following:

  • Product quality and services
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased productivity
  • Development of worker skills
  • Increased profits (With higher return on investments)
  • Flexibility and responsiveness to change
  • Strategic value and competitive advantage

Why is it important?

Let us enlighten you about the importance of efficient and effective business processes. It is our contention that in today’s complex and uncertain landscape of markets, leading companies (should) strive for (continuous) process improvement to stay ahead –  to create value and avoid falling short in any or all of the areas mentioned above.

Weak and inefficient business processes have a long-lasting impact. It wastes time and money, and almost always leads to the weakening of product or service quality. It can also cause the morale of even the hardest-working employees to decline if they feel that all their efforts are redundant in the face of the flaws of a system. On the flip-side, efficient business processes will help keep your organization profitable and structured.

Non-arguably, addressing the complex issues that can corrode the effectiveness of business processes is one of the most important challenges companies face today.

But addressing the problem is rarely easy. It requires a combination of the knowledge of what to do, sufficient resources to get it done as well as the determination to ensure steady optimization that leads to sustained enhancement of revenue and profitability.

How do you go about Process Improvement?

So you know you need to work on you process improvement skills, but how and where to start?

What you need is someone highly capable of training you to improve your business processes in order to help you achieve the results you need. You need someone to examine current processes to discover, identify and eliminate problems; prioritize opportunities for improvement, and design effective business process improvement solutions to implement.

Proper process improvement must entail the incorporation of methodologies (such as Lean and benchmarking), that can help your company get the right results, faster than the competition. Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principles, for example, can help yield sustained improvement in cost and quality.

Basically, the application of process improvement is synonymous with the required steps to be undertaken: Mapping & analysing processes, redesigning, acquiring resources, implementing as well as communicating the change, and reviewing.

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You might be worried about how to keep your business going while attempting to change the business processes. But process improvement should not be intimidating, expensive or time consuming.

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