State of Readiness; Carl Kirpes, From Gridiron to Pipelines

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In this episode of State of Readiness, we interview Carl Kirpes, responsible for Crude Oil Strategy & Analysis at Marathon Petroleum Corporation. Carl and I met some years ago at an annual conference of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers when he was just graduating from Iowa State University – and we have stayed in touch over the years. Listen in as we follow Carl’s career; from being a walk-on player on the Iowa State Football team and the influence Coach Rhoads had on him, to his joining GENESYS Systems Integrator where he rose to the position of Vice President of Operations in just about a year from graduating, and now at Marathon. He will also share with us the importance of always learning, of being mentored, and of being a mentor. Hear about how Carl applies a concept he coined Reflective Leadership, dive into the ALL IN mentality of the Iowa State collegiate football program, and uncover how “Individuals provide the potential, but teamwork creates the results.”

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