Using East of England as a Springboard for Entry Into Europe

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Using East of England as a Springboard for Entry Into Europe

Specializing in Operational Excellence and leveraging the disciplines of Lean Six-Sigma, XONITEK Corporation is a management and technologies consulting firm that operates worldwide and has a reputation for improving the performance of client companies.

Headquartered in New York, the company provides highly-skilled practitioners with real world experience across all areas of operational excellence.  With a focus on increasing stakeholder value and driving EBITDA , its experts achieve measurable, significant return on investment, both in XONITEK client projects and in previous operational leadership roles.

The company continues to see rapid growth in its North American home market and is now experiencing increasing demand for its services in Europe – expecting that 50% of its revenue and projects will come from the EMEA by 2010.  Therefore, it decided to establish a permanent presence in the region, choosing the UK and the East of England region for its new center for European operations.

XONITEK’s Practice Area Manager, Mike Borzumate, who was heavily involved in establishing their European office said, “XONITEK’s presence in the East of England reflects the strategic importance of the UK and this region within the European and global technology and manufacturing markets.”

To that end, XONITEK Limited, a registered UK company, was established in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, which provides a central location in the East of England. Home to the UK ’s foremost innovation hub, the base provides easy access to the Midlands region where there is a high density of manufacturing. It also offers good transport links and its proximity to London Stansted airport provides good connections across Europe.

East of England enjoys a higher than average population of people with high level skills – knowledge workers, technologists, academics, scientists and entrepreneurs. As XONITEK grows, it is in a prime location to tap into this skill base of ready-made talent. In time, support staff at the Peterborough offices will also be recruited.

XONITEK envisages demand for their services growing rapidly in the UK and across the EU and so expect UK-based consultant numbers to increase at an equal rate, quickly creating a critical mass of consultants to serve the region. This will reduce the dependence on XONITEK’s US-based consultants spending extended periods of time abroad while also providing its European clients with an improved service through a more permanent point of contact based in the same time zone.

EEI has been on hand to support the company while the company established itself in the UK, with Dennis McGlynn, EEI’s Business Development Manager for the technology sector, leading the work and providing the primary liaison with XONITEK. The original referral for the company came from the UK Trade & Investmentoffice in New York.

Central to EEI’s support for XONITEK has been the information and advice in steering the company towards UK and East of England based organizations that they can partner and use as an advantageous source of expertise. Practical advice and guidance was also provided on employment practices, work visas and immigration matters not only for the UK, but also for Europe.

XONITEK’s Mike Borzumate said, “East of England International provides invaluable support at no cost to us that has helped get us established and integrated into the UK business scene more quickly than would otherwise have happened. EEI has really helped in many ways including brokering connections with the region’s manufacturing and academic communities and advising the practicalities of setting up in the UK.”

As manufacturing is a primary sector of specialism for the firm, connections were provided with Cambridge University’s Institute of Manufacturing and the manufacturing department atCranfield University in Bedfordshire. At the same time, EEI directed XONITEK to information sources regarding the UK Government’s manufacturing strategy overview and details on a comprehensive annual report about the UK ’s consulting industry.

A range of other contacts and information included the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Manufacturing CouncilBritish Standards Institute and recommended involvement in the European Manufacturing Strategies Summit.

Within a few months, XONITEK held their first European seminar on Operational Excellence in Amsterdam , the Netherlands , which attracted an excellent audience and resulted in a number of high-quality new business prospects.


  • XONITEK is a leading player in the area of Operational Excellence (Lean, Six-Sigma and Leadership) consultancy achieving measurable and significant returns on investment for its clients.  Leveraging the disciplines of Operational Excellence increases company performance by eliminating waste and variability while increasing the velocity of throughput.
  • The East of England provides XONITEK with a geographic base close to the UK’s main technology and manufacturing centers, together with good access to air services to help service their European markets.  East of England has an above average population of knowledge workers and so provides a ready pool of expertise to recruit from.
  • XONITEK, through employment and contracting arrangements, works with over 50 practitioners globally in order to serve clients in five primary target countries.

About XONITEK Corporation

XONITEK Corporation is a management and technologies consulting firm specializing in leveraging the disciplines of Lean/Sig-Sigma and Leadership in the pursuit of Operational Excellence. XONITEK’s experienced professionals possess a depth and breadth of technical, functional and industrial skills. The organization is committed to providing high-quality and industry-focused services and solutions. For more information about XONITEK Corporation, visit

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