operations management consulting

Operations Management Consulting

What is Operations Management Consulting?

Let’s start with a due definition of Operations Management: It is the area of management that is concerned with (re) designing and monitoring the process of production and various other business operations and services. It also refers to the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency within an organization.

Resorting to Operations Management Consulting can help businesses do better and achieve much more by aligning people, processes and assets. More specifically, it specializes in devising operational and business strategies to solve operational, supply chain, and efficiency problems within different industries.

Important to note is that Operations Management Consultants actually implement changes at companies rather than just recommending changes.

Operations Consultants tend to use many of the concepts explained throughout this website, including supply chain management and lean manufacturing to solve problems within an organization.

Why is it important?

In the face of rapidly changing operations as driven by global trends and ground-breaking new technologies, this fluctuating landscape constantly presents new challenges and opportunities for operations to improve. And beyond improving – moving beyond the role of cost-effectiveness to also become a source of competitive advantage.

Operations Management Consulting firms aim to add real value to companies, and working with the right operations consulting firm can help a business tremendously in operating more profitably and efficiently. Relying on the right consultancy can positively impact in minimizing production waste by improving product quality, and by implementing six sigma and lean initiatives.

If you want to see tangible results by improving the operational efficiency in an organization – with the main goal firmly set on maintaining operational excellence – such consultancy is the key.

Operations Management Consultancy is also important for means of helping clients lead major change projects by working on the full lifecycle of the relevant changes, from strategy all the way through to implementation.

How do you go about it?

Instead of making strategic recommendations, then leaving you to fed for yourself, you need someone to stay to walk the talk.

So you know you need assistance in optimizing your business operations, and have decided to opt for Operations Management Consultancy. But how to go about it and where to start?

When seeking the help of expert Operations Management Consultants, be sure that they will make a priority of the following areas:

  • Customer operations
  • Innovation and product development
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Facilities Management
  • Supply chain management
  • Asset reliability and up-time
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • General & Administrative operations
  • Enterprise performance improvement

Remember, the standard management consulting firm might just make a recommendation on how to change pricing for products and services, for instance. But Operations Management consulting would actually help you make the change, implement it, and assess what impact the change has made and to what extent to do things differently in the future. More than simply making recommendations for improvement, it’s all is about actual execution.

XONITEK is your Operations Management Sherpa…

XONITEK is known to build approachable and supportive client–consultant relationships, which can inspire and produce reinvention from within the core of an organisation.

We look beyond the surface of operations at all levels to see what’s possible, and then we help clients make it a reality.

XONITEK brings to the table all of the capabilities necessary to help companies optimize their operating processes and yield better overall results.

Ask XONITEK to change cost structures and increase productivity, and see us make these changes faster, safer, and in a more automated fashion to keep pace with competitors.

Contact a XONITEK consultant today to partner up with on your journey towards achieving and maintaining Operational Excellence!

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