Practice Areas

XONITEK consultants devote their days to deploying and optimizing the tools of Operational Excellence. And yet, it is not the tools that create Operational Excellence. It is the Alignment of Strategy, Tactics, and Logistics that advances the company toward becoming a High-Performance Organization (HPO).

Continuous and Deliberate Improvement – A well-planned program of Operational Excellence is an opportunity for Commitment to Strategy Execution, not a program of reducing headcount, which creates fear and impedes performance.

Transformational Change can ignite a period of intense activity in which new ideas for improvement and Innovation can evolve.

Operational Excellence Program Deployment – Operational Excellence involves transforming roles and responsibilities within an evolving company. XONITEK uses the disciplines of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) as a framework for Project Management.

No two companies evolve at the same time, at the same pace and in the same direction. Methodology and practices may be similar, but timelines and milestones vary considerably. The pace of an Operational Excellence program can be altered, and the pace of continuity can vary. A period of rapid development can be followed by a period of assessing, regrouping and planning for the future.

This too serves the continuing cycle of Operational Excellence.

Consulting Strategy & Execution – In a culture of Operational Excellence, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are used to measure economic performance, employee output and improvements throughout the value chain. Theory of Constraints (ToC) is used to quantify projected improvements against real-world conditions.

The pay-off is measured in customer satisfaction, increases in orders, faster turnaround times and improvement in the “feel good” factor throughout the company, suppliers and customers.

Strategic Supply Chain & Logistics Consulting – Our executive-level industry experts have “walked the gemba” and understand your concerns and requirements.

Using instruments such as the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model and Balanced Scorecard, XONITEK’s consultants can revitalize your Industrial and Systems Engineering and Logistics and Warehousing.

Stewardship and Leadership Development  Understanding the Operational Excellence capacity that exists and grows at your organization (and how best to leverage it) is one the most challenging hurdles of Stewardship.

Success may require a “Blue-Ocean” Strategy to navigate from current circumstances to desired circumstances. Marketing Strategies, Sales Force Development, Front Office Coordination, and Strategic Finance Configuration must improve company performance and benefit individuals, otherwise they are not sustainable.

XONITEK’s roadmap provides a platform for Culture Transformation and Career Coaching to ensure that the future state of your business and your people are aligned and prepared for Process Improvement and career progression.

Environmental CI Program Development – The greatest social, economic and fiscal challenge facing global organizations today is reducing the environmental impact of their operations and conforming with ISO14001 and the ever changing legislative mandates for a green environment.

XONITEK employs a control and prevention framework to support root cause analysis and leads the way in adapting the Continuous Improvement methodology and materials to deliver measurable results for organizations focused on becoming more effective and responsible environmental stewards.

Quality & Safety Program DevelopmentXONITEK regards Quality and Safety as vital components of Process Improvement.

Adopting a strategy of awareness, containment and prevention helps ensure that your business and the safety of its people put you in a position to Manage Risk.

Operational Excellence By Design – An Operational Excellence program requires a culture where change is encouraged and supported. Learn how our Consulting Services create a culture of change.