OPEXCON 2013: Sustainable Operational Excellence Strategies Conference – October 17-18, 2013

  Recent research suggests that achieving sustainable operational excellence is currently a key concern for many organizations. Coping with changing economic situations, global competitive markets and the ever changing consumer demands add to the complexities and forces companies to reassess their strategies, processes and methods. Organizations have been facing many challenges in improving their operations, eliminating waste and minimizing risks to

IIE Annual Conference & Expo in San Juan, Puerto Rico; May 18-22, 2013

The Annual IIE Conference and Expo is unlike any other for quality, productivity and efficiency professionals. It attracts attendees from all over the world – professionals, academicians and students – who share an interest in learning, sharing experiences and business successes, networking and just being around others who share their passions for the profession.Everyone finds something of

RLCON 2013: Advanced Reverse Logistics Strategies – April 10-12, 2013

As economies and bottom-lines shrink, it becomes crucial for companies to reduce costs and maintain their competitive advantage. In this scenario, coupled with stringent EU environmental laws and regulations, a strategically effective Reverse Logistic function can secure your supply chain’s ‘backward loop’ and make significant cost savings for the company. RLCON 2013: ADVANCED REVERSE LOGISTICS

2013-Apr: Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter

Operational Excellence by DesignSM  Issue: 4 April 2013 “Operational Excellence is when the efforts throughout the organization are in a state of alignment for achieving its strategies and where the corporate culture is committed to the continuous and deliberate improvement of company performance AND the circumstances of those who work there –  to pursue ‘Operational Excellence by

2013-Jan: Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter

XONITEK eNewsletter January 2013   Operational Excellence by Design  – A cross-disciplinary approach in the pursuit of perfection. CHAIRMAN’S PERSPECTIVES  2013: New Year’s Resolutions – Personal Plan, Do, Check, Adjust By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies My first article for 2012 addressed New Year’s Resolutions and made the argument that they are a critical requirement for any personal Continuous Improvement program and