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Issue: 2017-06
June 2017

Founder’s Corner
Briefing; A State of Readiness

Joseph Paris


It’s taken a long time-but the time has finally come.  The release of my book, ”
State of Readiness“, has arrived.
My project officially started almost two and a half years ago.  That was the day I formally sat down and decided to write a book.  But it’s beginning can be traced to an article I wrote in 2012 entitled, ”
The Operational Excellence Manifesto“.  It was one of the more significant articles I had written and was the result of a considerable amount of listening, learning, and experiencing.
It was not an easy project.  I learned and discovered as much (if not more) while writing it as I did leading to by deciding to write it.  And my substantive editor took me to task.  When I hired him he told me that he understood that I wanted to get a message out there, but it was his job to make sure people wanted to read it.  I am pleased with the final results.


And, more importantly, leaders of companies-and across industries and geographies-concur (you can read some of their thoughts at the books website

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Featured Events

The Saratoga Weekend (aka Camp David) 
August 17 – August 19 | Saratoga Springs, NY
It’s a conference, but it’s an un-conference. It’s about camaraderie, learning, and long-term relationships. Spouses encouraged to attend. Children welcome. It’s a gathering of some of the smartest, most successful, and most giving people we know. People who enjoy business and the business of life…



OPEX & Manufacturing Innovations
in Pharma & Biotech 

September 28 – September 29 | Hannover, Germany

The OpEx Society invites you to join us at this superb event, at which Joseph Paris will be acting as Chairman and deliver a Keynote Talk.

Join various other industry experts to share and learn from other Key topics, including:
The new OpEx realities and opportunities for the Manufacturing Industry; 
Delivering on Industry 4.0; 
Utilizing data for process improvement and many more.

Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence Summit

November 8 – 10, 2017 | London

We invite you to join us this world-class summit, at which Joseph Paris will be delivering
a full-day workshop (on the 8th) based on his book “State of Readiness” , in addition to delivering a Keynote talk on “The Role of the CIO in the 21st Century Co

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Pushing Productivity
to the Max




Master Class in Emerson Core Values – Living the Culture at RIDGID

I’ve worked for some great companies, including four Fortune 500 corporations. Along the way I met outstanding management teams. However, one team stood out in my mind above all others, the Emerson Electric, (RIDGID) Sales and Marketing Management Team, they are the prime example in my career of a company who lived their parent company’s values and culture…


By Andrew J. Walker

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Seeing the bigger picture: Where operations meets business



Those working on operational excellence are typically focused on optimisation, waste elimination, capacity utilization, process redesign and other operational challenges.  This focus can lead to a lack of business perspective.  How can operational excellence professionals keep the business in mind while making operational improvements?


By Andrew Campbell

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The Outliers Inn Podcast
Topic:  Join Antlerboy and JP as they speak with Gia Campari about business leadership.
About the guest: Gia held executive positions in Marketing and Business Development before joining a major consultancy nineteen years ago. She specialised initially in business and marketing strategies, subsequently in operational performance improvement. For the past ten years she has helped clients design and implement major changes. She has been particularly effective in helping clients find “out-of-the-box” solutions. She lectures on Creativity and on Leadership.
Gia holds a Doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Parma, Italy; an MBA from the London Business School and is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC). She is bilingual in English and Italian and fluent in French.

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OpEx Discussion


5 Employee Moral Boosters

OpEx Vault


Succeeding With Lean When You Don’t Know Nothin’

It is vitally important for lean people to know nothing when it comes to working towards improvement. This sounds like a crazy idea, and it is a 100% turnaround from traditional management thinking. This article discusses the fundamentals of Lean Thinking, a building block when developing your own true Lean Management System.
We will look at:
  • How lean thinkers go about radically improving their business
  • Engaging everybody to make improvement
  • Increase and capture knowledge

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