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Issue: 2015-10

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Operational Excellence Maturity Model
Joseph F Paris Jr

I have met countless Continuous Improvement and Operational Excellence professionals over the course of my career. And, in turn, I have become acquainted with their roles and efforts in regards to driving value to their organizations. Oftentimes, these professionals, although possessing great passion for, and pride in, the value they drive to their companies, express their frustrations at the lack of proper support from their company in their efforts.

Interestingly – perhaps even tellingly – although almost all of them consider themselves and their efforts “strategic” to the company, very few of them actually are.

In examining the level of support given (actual, not stated) by the company to the Operational Excellence efforts and the net-benefit of impact those involved in the Operational Excellence initiatives drive to their company, I have concluded that there are three levels of maturity; Logistical (lowest), Tactical (middle), and Strategic (highest). Of course, the Operational Excellence efforts at any given time, and within any given company, will possess characteristics of all three – it is the level of organization, structure, consistency, and orientation to the company vision which determines what level of maturity actually exists.

Event Highlights

Nov 3-4: Liverpool, UK

Employee engagement is critical in any organisational transformational programme, drive for operational excellence or change programme. The fact remains, however, that in the UK, disengaged workers outnumber engaged workers two to one.

OpEx Society’s Founder, Joseph Paris will be presenting and we are offering a 10% discount; enter ‘OpExSociety’ into the partner’s box when booking to qualify.

Nov 16-20: Moscow, RU
Sponsored by the OpEx Society, The Russian Lean Forum is the main event of the year and the most recognized venue for exchanging the experience of production systems development and training for professionals in sustainable, efficient
Serving as an Expert in Productivity Improvement, OpEx Society Founder, Joseph Paris, will be delivering a keynote presentation.
Dec 7-11: Bonita Springs, FL (USA)
Connecting Reliability Maintenance and Asset Management Professionals from around the Globe for 30 Years!
Plan Now to Attend the #1 Conference and Expo for Maintenance Reliability Leaders and Asset Management Professionals from All Industries and All Experience Levels.
OpEx Society’s Joseph Paris will be delivering a Keynote, as well as a fast paced and provocative 15-minute RAP Talk.

When Did Thinking Fall Out of Fashion
By Paul E. Køhn P.Eng 
In the quest for continuous improvement and the desire for increasing levels of control, coupled with a fundamental lack of development for leaders at all levels, are we eschewing the capabilities of our employees by creating rigid systems of rules that may not be as effective as we once thought and; in a much more concerning way, are controlling away the very creativity that allows organizations to grow and evolve rather than become obsolete?

Thought Food


Many-Tasking for Greater Productivity
By Garrett Lang
My goal in writing this is to be educational and help others learn from my successful experiments, but I’m also hoping to coin a new term.  The term is “Many-tasking.”  Many-tasking turns multi-tasking inside out:
Where multi-tasking is dividing one person’s time across many tasks, usually very inefficiently, many-tasking is having many people focus on one deliverable, working simultaneously and cooperatively, and creating hyper-efficiency.  I argue this enables a team to accomplish more work faster than ever before possible.

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