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Excellent Customer Service…Is Only Necessary If There Is A Choice;
Sitting on a Gold Mine: Uncovering Hidden Profit Centers;
Stream-Mining Work: Connecting the Cross-Currents of Knowledge

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January 2011

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Excellent Customer Service…

… Is Only Necessary If There Is A Choice 

By Joseph F Paris Jr;  Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies


Human behavior is as funny as it is interesting. We take as a given that with which we grew-up as a child – our country, our local community, our heritage, our religion, our government – collectively our experience.  We are conditioned to not question that which is “normal” – because that is the way it’s always been.  And not given an alternative to compare and contrast, we accept the status quo without challenge.

That is until there is an option, an alternative.

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Sitting on a Gold Mine: 

Uncovering Hidden Profit Centers 

By Stephen Long, PhD

Managers understand one important fact in today’s global economy: Businesses must perform at the highest standard and then continually improve just to be competitive. Great performance is becoming more and more valuable and hidden pockets of profit exist in every organization.

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Stream-Mining Work:  
Connecting the Cross-Currents of Knowledge

By Kelvin F. Cross

The vice president of leading HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) laments: “We know how to streamline work from point A to point B, but we don’t know how to routinely and rapidly streamline learning from our collective experiences, especially across our disparate functions and processes.”

… She is not alone.

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A Frictionless World
Mar 28: SIOM Six-Sigma

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