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What’s better than two hosts?  Why, three, of course!  Mule said he couldn’t make it, so JP drafted Don (who is an irregular regular and has stepped-in to the role of co-host in the past).  But, wouldn’t you know it, Mule was able to join.  So, we have a three-way!

The podcast starts as it normally does, with JP talking about air travel experiences and Mule talking about robots. 

As “process and systems guys”, air travel is always a source for some head-scratching and musing.  JP recounts a recent trip through Frankfurt where the “Gold Track” for security suddenly disappeared with the alternative being a 90 minute wait.  Not wanting to wait 90 minutes, JP made his own “Gold Track”.  Problem solved.

And Mule shares this year’s robot challenge and the operating parameters the robot must successfully complete.  He seems happy with the progress so far.

Wilson joins us next.  JP has known Wilson for well over a decade, having met at an industrial engineering conference.  Both JP and Wilson vividly remember the encounter.  Wilson came to JP at JP’s company booth and started complaining that his company lost the “focus”, and he needed to try to find a way to get the “focus” back.  He went on an on lamenting about the “focus”.  Except, with his heavy Brazilian accent, it didn’t sound like “focus”.

Next, we welcome Curtis from Charleston.  Being a fairly recently-minted entrepreneur who left the corporate world a few years ago to start his own consultancy, Curtis shares the challenges of balancing roles and responsibilities; of particular challenge is the “honey-do” list. 

And last, but not least, we welcome Stephane (another irregular regular, or is it regular irregular) to The Outliers Inn.  Other than JP sharing the story of his failed attempt to meet Stephane for some holiday cheer, Stephane shares his recent introduction to ChatGPT (an Artificial Intelligence content generation app).  Stephane then shares how an entire persona can be created out of thin air; pictures, video, resume, content that establishes the fictitious (or real) person as a “thought leader”.  He even has ChatGPT create a couple of posts for LinkedIn while talking about ChatGPT.

Come and give a listen.  We are sure you will enjoy this episode.

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