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Welcome to another episode of “The Outliers Inn”. Today’s theme is making mistakes.

It starts right off with Mule asking JP whether he made any mistake lately. And JP shares that he just filed his taxes, and perhaps he made a mistake, only time (and the IRS) will tell. And JP follows this up claiming; “He thought he made a mistake once, but he was mistaken” and that he “didn’t make any mistakes, only had learning experiences”.

That’s what we’ll call them; “learning experiences”… Yeah… That’s the ticket… Hopefully any “learning experience” with JP’s taxes and the IRS will not be too costly (in time or treasure).

Mule confesses that his most notable mistake as of late was missing the last recording session at The Outliers Inn and leaving it to JP to scramble (fortunately, Don was able to stand-in).

Then one by one, our guests share their “learning experiences”.

Don shares some learning experiences brewing beer (naturally). The results of some of the “learning experience” were better than expected and some were worse than hoped-for.

Stephane shares that, being in research and development, he is in the business of having “learning experiences”; usually in the form of some kinetic event such as a fire, or some small explosions. Thankfully, other than some bruised egos, there have not been any serious injuries. However, sometimes expensive apparatus gets damaged or destroyed and it makes some people “widely unhappy”. 😉

Esther then joins the conversation and she poses the question; “What is a mistake?” To which Stephane shares that the difference between a “learning opportunity” and a “mistake” is a matter of cost. If there is nominal cost, it’s a learning opportunity. If the cost is significant, then it’s a mistake. Sounds reasonable to us.

All in, a chat that was good fun yet some interesting insights. Come give a listen.

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