The Outliers Inn; How I spent my COVID-19 Vacation

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Topic: With everyone in the world being locked-down, bored  rigid with nothing much better to do and in desperate need of speaking with someone other than their significant other or dog, it’s a full-house at The Outliers Inn with guests who hail from the States, the UK, Germany, and Iceland being represented.  The episode is long, but the conversation is fun and lively.

Standing in for co-host Benjamin “Antlerboy” Taylor is a regular on the show, Don “the beer man” Burshnick.

We start off with Don sharing that his beers are being recognized by his peers as being pretty darn good.  In a recent contest, his Raspberry Wheat won 1st place and his California Common took 2nd in their respective classes.  And we discover that “gravity” is indeed relative.  In beer parlance, it means that there is more sugar in higher gravity beers – and more sugar means more fermentation which, in turn, translates to a higher alcohol content.

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