State of Readiness; Ofra Kalechstain, CEO of Matics

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In this episode I invite Ofra Kalechstain, CEO of Matics, to join me to share her story and the story of Matics; a publisher of suite of Manufacturing Executions Systems (MES) applications that help manufacturers monitor and manage their production operation activities.  As CEO, Ofra’s responsibilities are to lead and steward the company’s ambitions to become the leading provider of MES applications around the world.

We start the conversation discussing Industry 4.0 and the transformative effects it has on manufacturing businesses around the world, but in particular how it is been supported by governments as a means of keeping the manufacturers within their countries competitive so that they are able to remain where they are and not relocate their production elsewhere.

We talk about some of the tell-tails, the signs, of a company that might be in need of embracing industry 4.0 and digitalization; the most obvious of which is creating and maintaining paper records for reporting activities.  These paper records will result in delays in making decisions necessary to optimize the production and react in an agile manner to sub-optimal or changes in circumstances.

Ofra offers a brief tour of the Matics Manager Application which highlights some of the abilities of the system and its benefits.  Being able to monitor the health of plants and production remotely, I joke that a plant manager could manage their operations from a beach in Mauritius; well, you can.

Ofra offers an interesting story, and a fascinating solution.  Give a listen

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