Outliers Inn; Something Completely Different

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It’s another “Open Mic” night at The Outliers Inn. And in this episode, Benjamin and JP discover there might be a couple of interpretations of that open invitation. It would appear that, in addition to our regular followers and people who might see our invitations as shared in our normal channels, people could also search EventBrite (our registration tool) for terms that might interest them; including “open mic”. This proved to generate some rather interesting guests; not the regular crowd talking about what our audience has come to expect, but rather, something completely different.

Benjamin and JP start the show in the normal fashion; exchanging goings-ons, observations, and stories of our recent experiences. JP contemplates the coming autumn whimsically and nostalgically and Benjamin finds himself duty-bound to share some British thing that he considers relevant; “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”. It’s actually poetically descriptive.

Benjamin also shares the transformation of his business from a traditional to virtual. And though Benjamin is sad to see the past pass, JP (having been virtual before it was cool) is sure that Benjamin, and his company, will find themselves much better off for it.

But this is where the show deviates dramatically from its norm.

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