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2016-October: Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter – October 2016

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Issue: 2016-10
October 2016

Founder’s Corner
The Devil You Know


Joseph F Paris Jr

I devote a lot of my time helping people and companies get from their present reality to some new reality.  It is rarely easy and – although almost always considered a success – the success is not quite as complete as it could be.  This is the norm; the expectation.  And this is not because of a lack of skill on the part of the consultant (me) or the will of the client.  Rather, it is because the forces that are resisting change are often more powerful than the change agents.

All change involves a conflict between the introduction of new paradigms intended to supplant the old (sometimes, the new paradigm is a reinstatement of an older paradigm) with the intensity of the conflict increasing with the magnitude of the change being of being introduced.

Restructuring the Family Business
By Gary Brooks
Research about the survival rates of family businesses is extensive.  Historic data indicate that fewer than 35% of the businesses pass to the second generation; fewer than  10% pass to the third generation.  Very few survive into later generations as financial and talent requirements dilute the hold of the blood line.  These statistics highlight the impact of issues unique to the relationships among family members, although they also include various wealth management strategies, e.g. sale, merge, etc.

Featured Events

Operational Excellence in Manufacturing
 December 06-07, 2016. Chicago, USA
Operational Excellence is about executing business strategy more consistently and reliably than your competition. It’s about developing and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement, with all of the successes and failures along the way.
Join us this December in Chicago and hear from some of the best and brightest Operational Excellence executives in the manufacturing community.



The Global Back Office and Operational Efficiency Summit
November 17-18 , 2016. Frankfurt, Germany 
The dynamics of global
market is changing extremely fast making every business a struggle for both business owners and customers in different dimensions. In such circumstances being at the forefront of Operational Efficiency and Technology Innovation is an inevitable. It provides leverage and plays a huge part in successfully increasing performance to sky rocket revenues, manage cost-effectiveness and provide new customer experience to drive sustainable growth and development.



Thought Food

When did Thinking Fall out of Fashion?
In the quest for continuous improvement and the desire for increasing levels of control, coupled with a fundamental lack of development for leaders at all levels, are we eschewing the capabilities of our employees by creating rigid systems of rules that may not be as effective as we once thought and; in a much more concerning way, are controlling away the very creativity that allows organizations to grow and evolve rather than become obsolete?

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The Outliers Inn Podcast
There are laws of nature, which are absolute.  If we find an error in these laws, it is not nature which is wrong, but our understanding of nature that is wrong.  Compare this with laws made by man which, as such, evolve – can be bent or broken by man to suit man’s purpose.  When we hear about Lean initiatives failing, we often hear it’s because the company is not implementing “true Lean”.  But what is “true Lean”?  Can there be such a thing – such construct that is absolute?  If so, what does it look like?


Hosts: Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant.

Calendar of Events


OpEx Discussion


Five Rules for Selecting the Best KPIs to Drive Operational Improvement

Opex Vault

Is it “Worth the Click”?

From the publicly-traded, multi-national conglomerates, to

Girl Scouts 
selling their
(Thin-Mints rule), to the budding entrepreneur who opens a lemonade stand – and everything in between – there are all manner of companies and individuals offering a near infinite variety of products and services.  And about as diverse as the companies and their offerings are, are the ways in which they attempt to build awareness (and the hoped-for resultant sales).

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