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2016-March: Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter

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Issue: 2016-3
MARCH 2016

Founder’s Corner
Turnarounds in Customer Experience – the Real “Unicorn” the Editor

Joseph F Paris Jr

We all remember poor customer experience, and we are not afraid to share the poor experiences we have had with others – perhaps even going out of our way to share using social media as the medium for our opinions?  How many times have we read bad reviews on hotels or restaurants as compared to good reviews?  Furthermore, how many times have our decisions been influenced by reviews (both good and bad)?  The experiences shared by others we know, even by total strangers, have an enormous effect on our buying decisions.  The reality is not formed by marketing departments as much as they are formed by the opinions of others during the customer experience.  In business, as in life, our reputations precede us.


Partnership Development – The Route to Lean Supply Chain
By Mark Gregory 
Whilst few within supply chain would argue against the concept and its potential benefits, there are barriers. Research carried out across leading manufacturing companies within the U.S.A showed that whilst 90% considered themselves as lean, only 20% extended deployment beyond the shop floor.
So we ask:
What is the route to lean supply chain?

Featured Events

May11-12, 2016: London
The LMJ’s flagship event will cover a range of industries, company sizes and levels of experience. We aim to convey to business leaders everywhere, how operational excellence can lead to business growth and ultimately a return on investment. It is imperative for executive leadership to understand and implement every aspect of operational excellence to create a positive end goal for your organisation’s vision.
OpEx Society Founder, Joseph Paris, will be in attendance and serving as an Expert Speaker. We invite you to join us there!


IIE Annual Conference 2016

May 21-26, 2016: Los Angeles
Leaders in the field, up-and-comers and students attend to network, gather new ideas and learn about innovative tools and techniques. Make connections that will aid your career and build friendships that last a lifetime – IIE Annual is the largest industrial and systems engineering event of the year and the best place to network.IIE Annual is the best professional development event for all career stages.
OpEx Society Founder, Joseph Paris, will be in attendance and serving as an Expert Speaker. We invite you to join us there!

Thought Food


Safety-Stock Calculations Are Risky – Demand, Lead Time and Service Level
By Dave McPhetridge 
This is a big and touchy topic, I know. I intend only to begin a dialog, not present an exhaustive treatise. First, let me define what I mean by “safety stock,” or SS: Not the restrictive, MRP-specific adder to gross requirements, but the general concept of buffer inventory. SS, determined correctly and optimally, protects against random variations in demand and supply, up to a desired fill rate.


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The Outliers Inn Podcast
Join us as we discuss how to deliver operational excellence from the shop floor all the way up to management. Hosts: Joseph Paris, Founder of the OpEx Society & The XONITEK Group of Companies Benjamin Taylor,  Managing Partner of RedQuadrant. Guests: Kevin Corrigan – Red Quadrant

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Black-eye for Continuous Improvement Methodologies. Why or not?

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