So you want to want to accelerate the market-awareness of your Operational Excellence offering, but you are not quite sure where to begin.  Sure, buying advertising space and adding an occasional discussion on LinkedIn® or a blog post seems to do something, but you are not sure what.  What you need is broadcast your value-proposition to your audience.  But to do this effectively, you need to leverage a platform that is robust with an organization that is the “center of gravity” of OpEx.

As a Sponsor, you will receive;

Sponsored Content Articles

When you sponsor content with the Operational Excellence Society and contribute to the “Body of Knowledge”, you are able to leverage our considerable reach and audience to read about your value proposition and to drive traffic to your website.  The value driven to your business is indefinite as there is no expiration date for sponsored content.

Articles must meet the following criterion for consideration;

  • Articles must be provided in MS-Word format.
  • Value-packed content – no “popcorn posts” (content that takes-up space but has no nutritional value). Articles must be a minimum of 1,500 words long and include links to information sources as appropriate.
  • No “sales-pitches”. The article should speak to a challenge, an approach, the roll-out, the results, and the lessons learned.  The writer should assume the audience is smart enough to recognize that, if the content is relevant to them, they will reach-out.  As such, they don’t need to be “sold”.  No use of the word “proprietary”, “exclusive”, or other such words that will project “hype”.  Using such phrases will cause the reader to believe (rightfully) that he is being sold-to and stop reading.
  • You may embed video, graphics, or other aids as appropriate to support your message.
  • You may include one embedded advertising “badge” in your article which can point to your website home page or other page (provided it is appropriate for our audience). Since your article will exist indefinitely, you may not point to an event or other content which is dated.
  • Each article will have a “by-line” which can be either an individual or a company. Readers will be able to see all contributions for any given author.
  • Each article is allowed an “about the author” at the bottom of the article which can include a picture, a link to the author’s LinkedIn® profile, a brief biography, and a link to one other page (author’s company, book, and so on).

Must have rights to the content.  By submitting your (“Submitter”) article for publication, the Submitter represents that they have the rights of ownership necessary to submit, including any graphics or pictures that might be included.  Submitter will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Operational Excellence Society, its officers, directors, agents and employees from and against claims, damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, arising out of or resulting from the third-party claims that the Submitter violated copyrights or otherwise does not have ownership of the content.

The “Operational Excellence by Design” Monthly eNewsletter

With a distribution to over 25,000 subscribers, the monthly “Operational Excellence by Design” eNewsletter is consistently regarded as one of the finest eNewsletters in its peer-group.  Consisting entirely of content (no fluff or self-promotion), it is designed to be of value to the reader, not the organization or an individual.

The typical eNewsletter will include a minimum of three (3) articles from the Operational Excellence Society ecosystem, plus links to other content of interest including various sources of news and information such as McKinsey, Bloomberg, Reuters, TED® and so on.  The content included in the eNewsletter is always “red-meat”, never any “popcorn”.

Sponsored LinkedIn Announcements

At over 60,000 members, the Operational Excellence Group on LinkedIn is the “center of gravity” for

Operational Excellence on LinkedIn®.  Our protocol is to send weekly “Group Announcement” to the Group membership and to regenerate this Announcement as a Post (where we have a lot more control over graphics and links).  LinkedIn Posts remain indefinitely (unless LinkedIn removes them).

Sponsored LinkedIn Discussion

In addition to Announcements in the Operational Excellence LinkedIn® group, we can post your content for you as discussions.  Oftentimes, people are more inclined to read a post from a thirdparty than one from the originator – especially if there is a catchy title, a brief summary of the content, and a call to action.

We also have a cooperative relationship with the Lean Six Sigma LinkedIn® group with over 500,000 members and can post your content as discussions there.

Social Media Outreach Program

We can also push your content through our other social media platforms and can also engineer and execute a Social Media Outreach Program that will take your content and include it in the various feeds available to the Operational Excellence Society including; LinkedIn (other relevant groups), Facebook, Twitter, and so on.  Paid advertising on Social Media would be an additional charge.

Your Sponsorship Provides:

We have designed this program to accelerate your creating awareness in the marketplace for your value-proposition and messaging.  It’s simple and robust – and will get you going.

  • Articles: Submit up to ten (10) Articles over a one year period o Select up to three (3) Channels for each article for appearing in the Body of Knowledge o OPTION:  We can co-write your article with you (~2,000 words) for $1,000.  During this process, we interview you about your topic, review materials you may provide, draft the article, review it with you, make the edits, and submit it for publication.
  • Each Article Will Be:
    • Included in the “Operational Excellence by Design” monthly eNewsletter – with a maximum of one article per issue and the placement being the discretion of the Editor.
    • Listed “Featured Article” on the Operational Excellence Society website during the month the Article appears in the eNewsletter.
    • Included as a “Featured Article” on the Operational Excellence LinkedIn® group Weekly Announcement during the month the Article appears in the eNewsletter.
    • Included as “Featured Article” in replication of the Weekly Announcement that is made as a LinkedIn® “Post” that is set as “Manager’s Choice” and where additional graphics and link support are available.
    • Push content out to Social Media including; Facebook®, Twitter®, the Lean Six Sigma LinkedIn® group, and others. Paid advertising is in addition.
  • Advertisements: You will receive:
    • An “about the author” at the bottom of the article which can include a picture, a link to the author’s LinkedIn® profile, a brief biography, and a link to one other page (author’s company, book, and so on).
    • One (1) permanent advertisement within your article
    • One (1) side banner advertisement on the eNewsletter adjacent to your article (see above,

Zone-C) for each of the articles you run (size and placement is the discretion of the Editor).

While a Sponsor, you will also receive;

  • A “Special Edition” eNewsletter showcasing up to four (4) of your best articles.
  • A Landing Page co-designed by the Sponsor and the Operational Excellence Society.
  • A Sponsor’s Badge with a link to your website on every issue of the “Operational Excellence by Design” monthly eNewsletter.
  • A Sponsor’s Badge on the Operational Excellence Society Home Page and on a special “Sponsor’s Page” on the Operational Excellence Society website.
  • A Sponsor’s Badge on every Operational Excellence Society meeting promoted on Eventbrite.

A Sponsor’s Badge on every Operational Excellence Society produced event.

Should you be interested in our sponsorship program, contact us today.