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18-27-May-10: XONITEK-EU: Operational Excellence – “A Frictionless World”

May 18, 2010 - May 27, 2010

 Operational Excellence in the EU

XONITEK Consulting Group International, LLC and XONITEK (UK) Limited
are pleased to present a series of symposiums entitled

“A Frictionless World”

London, The Hague, Warsaw & Frankfurt

Sponsored by:

  Institute of Industrial Engineers
The Global Association of Productivity and Efficiency Professionals


Association For Corporate Growth

Bridging private-industry, academia and government – events will address leveraging Operational Excellence (Lean, Six-Sigma and Leadership) in driving stakeholder value though business optimizations (transformational organization change), efficiencies (execution and realization), and the pursuit of perfection (continuous improvement).

Who Should Attend

Industry Executive Leadership • Private Equity and Finance • Consultancy Firms and Independents • Industrial and Systems Engineers • Supply-Chain and Logistics Professionals • Quality Engineers and Continuous Improvement Professionals • Operations • Labor Relations and Human Resource Professionals • Academia • Recruitment Consultants • Government Agencies • Health Care • Turnaround Specialists

Opening Remarks: Joseph F Paris Jr; President – XONITEK

XONITEK is an operations management and industrial engineering consultancy firm specializing in Operational Excellence (Lean / Six-Sigma and Leadership).  Paris is a routine lecturer for professionals and graduate students.  In addition to being an Adjunct Professor at the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University – Paris currently serves on the Board of the Systems Science and Industrial Engineering (SSIE) Department at the Watson School of Engineering at Binghamton University and also on the Board of theInstitute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) Process Industries Division (PID).


“Last year’s Xonitek EU summit was definitely worth going to. It helped me to improve my lean vision further. They had some great key note speakers covering a range of different topics (methodology, culture change, roll out,…)  On top of that, my personal network extended significantly during and after the summit. I look forward to the 2010 edition.”

–  Koen Hendrickx – Responsable Logistique Opérationnelle at Danone (Lesquin, France)


All content delivered in English.


The Hague



Tuesday, May 18th

Thursday, May 20th

Tuesday, May 25th

Thursday, May 27th

IET London 
Savoy Place

Residence of the British Amabassador

British Embassy

Frankfurter Hof

Keynote Speakers

Gary Downs, MBB
Lean Deployment Mgr.
Shell Exploration & Production Europe
“Striving for a Continuous Improvement Mindset”

Lasse Monsted              
Novo Nordisk /
NNE Pharmaplan
Partner/Global Consultant
“Lean & Six Sigma – The Key to Successful Workflow Management”

Bogdan Ostrowski 
PZL Mielec / 
Sikorsky Aircraft – 
Operations Director
“Talk Title”

Krzysztof Janiga
TRW Automotive – 
Global Sr. Manager, Business Excellence & L6S
“Continuous Improvement Represents an Ongoing Change”

Martin Haack                
Varicon Management Consultants – Consultant/Partner
“The Common Myth About Six Sigma & Operational Excellence”

Speaker Roster

James Marsh, MBB 
Sheffield Hallam University
Senior Researcher
“Key Factors Impacting the Long Term Sustainability of Lean Six Sigma and Proposed Strategies for Today’s Global Businesses”

Dirk Van Goubergen, PhD 
P&M Productivity Improvement – Owner
“Lean as Enabler for Operational Excellence in the Office”

Piotr Grysiak 
Graham Packaging Co. – 6S Black Belt DFSS
“Design for Six Sigma. Change or become Extinct – Changing Unchaneable; Leadership, Change Management and Facilitation in Pursuit of Higher Long-term Gains

Arne Buthmann 
Valeocon AG – Operational Excellence Practice Area Lead
“Rapid Improvement Events as a Booster for Lean Six Sigma Deployments”

Ben Taylor, 6SBB
RedQuadrant – Director
“Lean in Customer Service, Lean in Government; Competing Approaches, Competing Ideologies – How to not Waste a Good Crisis”

Franky Janssens 
JFK Partners – Change Pilot & Managing Partner
“Additional Behavioral Change Dimension to Lean Six Sigma Builds Total Innovation Organizations”

Maciej Sztompke
Provimus – Director
“What is the Goal? Fundamental Questions Related to the Continuous Improvement Process”

Stefanie Schulz 
ANXO Consulting – Director
“Challenges Inside Supply Chain Implementation – The Main Failures, Issues and How to Avoid Them”

Andy Spooner               
Suiko Ltd. – Business Development Director
“Building Operational Excellence”

Massimo Schutte, Dr. Ing.
Stork Food & Dairy Systems – Program Manager/Vision Creation & Lean Six Sigma
“Lean Six Sigma in the Project Oriented High-Tech Machine Industry”

Krzysztof Drozd, 6SBB 
Edvanson – Partner
“Kaizen Implementation – A Never Ending Story about a Shogun, Samurai, Swords and Miyamoto Musashi”

Peter Rösch                  
Dipl.Ing. Peter Rösch CMC/BDU – Owner
“Transforming Compliance into Sustainable Market Value”

Hosted By


The Hague




  • Learn the latest techniques, methodologies and technologies
  • Understand the value proposition
  • Ascertain how to create a culture for change
  • Discover why initiatives fail and how to succeed
  • How to define the Strategies, develop the Tactics, and organize the Logistics
  • Realize how to manage the deployment
  • Leveraging OpEx in business work-outs and turnarounds
  • Learn how OpEx can be employed to prevent tripping loan covenants
  • Hear Case-Studies and Best-Practices
  • Networking Opportunities

“Operational Excellence”… How good can you be?

  • Increase EBITDA and free cash-flow from operations
  • Cost to produce down 20-50%
  • Rework and Scrap down 25-90%
  • Lead-time decreased by 50-90%
  • Overall cycle-time decreased by 60%+
  • Inventory and WIP reduced 50%+
  • Floor space reduced by 30%-70%
  • Purchasing costs reduced by 5-10% EVERY year
  • On-time performance TO PROMISE 99%+
  • On-time performance TO REQUEST 90%+
  • Customer satisfaction delivered across the board
  • Additional dimension of “knowledge” to traditional business transactions
  • Changes in corporate/customer perspectives from a logistical (reactive) to a strategic (pro-active) orientation
  • Increase velocity and quality throughout the process
  • Involve the entirety of the value-chain
  • Reduce direct, indirect, and g&a costs
  • Enables management from a “holistic” view of the enterprise whilst facilitating access to details
  • Eliminate from the process anything that does not add value to the end product in the eyes of the customer




“Joseph makes all of his presentations from the standpoint of personal knowledge of the subject.  He is quite detailed, but always interesting, informative and professional.”

–  Sal GaninoConsultant, ManufacturingETC

“I have been at numerous speaking engagements where Joseph has presented and the audience has always provided what can only be described as glowing, evangelistic testimonials to the value XONITEK brought to their events.”

–  Donna O’Leary, Associate Principal, Web Service Manager, Clough Harbour & Associates


“Joseph moderated a panel focused on the manufacturing and logistics industries.  He showed tremendous industry knowledge showed true leadership skills.  Joseph is a man of high character and is well respected by everyone I know.”  

–  Lee Justo, Vice President, York International Agency


“If you get a chance to see Joseph speak, don’t miss him.  If you get a chance to have a beer with Joseph, go; you will learn something.”

–  Mark Bentlage, Quality Engineering Manager, IBM


“Joseph’s recent appearance on my radio program, Quality Conversations enabled me to witness first hand his exceptional grasp on the fundamentals of great leadership and the importance that leaders play in an organizations pursuit of operational excellence. Highly recommended.”

–  Steven C. Wilson, Owner, Wilson Consulting and Training Services, Inc – MasterWay Audio





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May 18, 2010
May 27, 2010