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Issue: 2017-02
February 2017

Founder’s Corner

Changing a Continuous Improvement Initiative into a Global Program


Joseph F Paris Jr


The “laws of nature” are absolute.  When we discover a contradiction to a supposed law of nature, it is not nature that is wrong, but our understanding and definition.  Once, it was believed that the Earth was the center of the solar system, supported in our understanding of the science at the time – and was proved incorrect.  And it was once believed that the Earth was flat – and this too, was disproved.  Until the mid-1800’s, the fastest man had ever traveled was by horseback.  And when trains and travel by rail came to be, there were many who believed that the human frame could not withstand speeds of over 100mph.

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Featured Events


Operational Excellence in Life Sciences Summit

March 29 – March 31, 2017 | Philadelphia, PA
Are you interested in implementing one cohesive corporate operational excellence strategy that will ensure sustainability and the future of your business transformation?
This prestigious event will help utilize your OpEx toolkit; taking an in-depth look at Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, Lean and Quality By Design as key tools industries that help boost operational and cost efficiency, and improve quality.
 Join our founder Joseph Paris at this superb event, who will be delivering a keynote session on
‘Becoming the High-Performance Organization’.
As a member of the Operational Excellence Society, you can enjoy an exclusive
20% discount
. Simply use the code 

‘ upon registration.


The First Human-Centred Operational Excellence Global Summit
April 20-21, 2017 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Join us for the first human-centred Operational Excellence global summit  You will be guided and encouraged to Transform, Perform and Excel toward a Human-Centred OpEx as you move toward building sustainable OpEx around Human Visual Management to Serve Cultural Transformation that contributes to Operational excellence through changing leadership mindsets beyond budgeting
This event will feature over 20 senior speakers, including Joseph Paris, who will be taking part in a panel discussion on the following topic:“Knowing what you know now about the success of your enterprise wide OpEx Deployment; What would you do Differently? And why?… To further improve your Success?”


IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2017

May 20 – May 23 2017 | Pittsburgh, PA

Will YOU be at the largest industrial and systems engineering event of the year?

Joseph Paris will be acting as a member of the advisory board and deliver three break-out sessions at this event. Connect with and learn from others during the conference’s educational sessions and networking events. We also look forward to seeing you at the main event for the industrial engineering profession.

Join leaders in the field, up-and-comers and students, and seize this opportunity to learn all about best practices and immerse yourself in innovative ideas.

Thought Food



Designing an Operational Excellence Management System 
By Afaq Ahmed 
What is OE?  Extensive research on OE related literature led me to the conclusion that there are many definitions of OE.  Below are some definitions that are more commonly used:
Definition 1: OE is an all-encompassing management system, covering the entire business with a goal to achieve world-class performance in critical areas of the business.
Definition 2: OE aims to achieve world-class performance in all key areas of the business within the guardrails of values of the organization.

Definition 3:  A philosophy of the workplace where problem-solving, teamwork, and visionary leadership results in ongoing improvement. The process involves focusing on customers’ needs, employee’s empowerment, and continually improving current activities…

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The Outliers Inn Podcast


Episode 15 –
Continuous Improvement Can Kill


Antlerboy and JP talk with Steven Stanton, the author of “Smart Work: Why Organizations Full of Intelligent People Do So Many Dumb Things and What You Can Do About It” on a surprising theme: How continuous improvement can kill!

Steve’s a pioneer of process innovation who has worked for more than thirty years on improving the capability of organisations to transform, including co-authoring, with Dr. Hammer, of the “Re-engineering Revolution” (HarperBusiness) and the Harvard Business Review article “How Process Organizations Really Work


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OpEx Discussion


Putting people at the center of Process Improvement

Opex Vault


Forget Supply Chain Management

When people discuss Supply Chain Management, there doesn’t seem to be any common understanding of what it is all about. I get it! To some, it is software and technology. To others, it is just purchasing and logistics. And still others believe that it is ‘big data’ and analytics. No wonder that eyes glaze-over when the subject is mentioned.


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