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2023 October

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Founder’s Corner – Joseph Paris

Safety comes third…

At a conference, a speaker was sharing about his company and their values. The last value listed was “Safety” to which he stated; “And at ACME Company, safety comes first.” 

I asked; “If safety comes first, why is it listed last?” He was rendered speechless. And I felt bad for him, but I wasn’t really sorry.

In fact, it might have been a truly honest moment because many companies talk a big game about safety, but rarely is it the reality.

But is that a bad thing?

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All Articles by Joseph Paris…

As founder of the Operational Excellence Society, Joseph Paris has contributed well over 100 articles spanning a couple of decades. He writes about his work and travel experiences.

Although almost all of his articles are about serious things, he tries to keep the delivery entertaining and informative.

Click here to browse all of his articles. There will surely be one of relevance and interest to you.

Hire Joseph Paris for…

Speaker, Masterclasses, and Workshops

Author, Writer, and Podcast Producer

Vehicles for Change; Consultant, Advisor, Coach, and Academic,

“State of Readiness”

We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. And the competitive advantage will go to the company that is ready to face the challenges; see further beyond the horizon, recognize opportunities and threats sooner, and be able to device and deploy decisive responses faster.

Get Your Copy of “State of Readiness” Today!

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My book, “State of Readiness” has been endorsed by senior leaders at some of the most respected and well-known companies in the world today. With Foreword by Andrew Lambert, FEIT; VP of Production and Supply Chain at SpaceX.

If you are not quite ready to buy a copy of “State of Readiness” for yourself (or a colleague) just yet but are interested in learning more?

Get a Taste of Readiness

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Featured Article

Design Thinking for Operational ExcellenceTM

Design Thinking for Operational ExcellenceTM provides a structured and user-centric approach to improving performance across the organization and its value-chain. It combines empathy, creativity, and iteration to foster innovation, enhance user experiences, and optimize operational efficiency. 

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Operational Excellence Program

Design and Deployment

Operational Excellence Program Design and Deployment

They say that “up to 70% of Operational Excellence and Continuous improvement programs fail.”  
Don’t be one of them. Be the exception, not the rule.
“Fail to plan, plan to fail.” To help you, your program, and your company to be successful, XONITEK has created a Program Architecting Whitepaper where you will find the best practices for the planning stage of an OpEx/CI program.
If you follow our prescriptive approach, the roll-out of your program will almost be anti-climactic.
Even if you already have a program, you can use it as a benchmark to see how your efforts compare.
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Best Practices for Designing and Deploying an OpEx/CI Program

Design Thinking for Operational Excellence

Pre-Designed Workshop Journeys

We have created a series of Design Thinking for Operational ExcellenceTM workshops based on the lessons learned in “State of Readiness” for rapid strategy design and deployment and also template components for you to build your own workshops.

There are presently eight pre-designed workshops with a great many more in the works. Our goal is to create full library of design-thinking journeys.

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Workshop Moderator Training and Certification Course

Whether you are using a pre-designed workshop journey or creating your own from scratch, this 3-Day Course will teach you how to construct journeys and become a moderator for delivering a Design Thinking for Operational ExcellenceTM workshop.

These courses will be delivered as open enrollment several times per year and also available for single organizations.

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3-Day Design Thinking for Operational ExcellenceTM

Moderator Training and Certification Workshops

Featured Article

Kaizen Every Day…

In this article, Philip Holt shares his thoughts on working to standard and getting their through a series of improvements, or Kaizens.

He asks; “Whenever there is a problem, we should always first ask the question: Are we running to standard?”

More often than otherwise, we are not. And if we were, we would be able to see the root causes more clearly and take corrective action.

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QMS/ISO Solutions

Offering; QMS/ISO System and Consulting Practice

We created an entire offering and practice around QMS and supporting ISO standards based on the Microsoft Power Platform (including Power-BI and Power Automate).

To help accelerate the deployment of your system, we also created a full library of document templates for each of; ISO 9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environment), and 45001 (Health and Safety).

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Learning Opportunities

Design Thinking for Operational Excellence Workshop; Nov-17th

Binghamton University:

Design Thinking for Operational Excellence is a structured and user-focused method that aims to enhance operational processes and boost overall organizational performance. It integrates empathy, creativity, and iterative problem-solving to promote innovation, improve user experiences, and optimize operational efficiency. 

Click here for details and registration…

Would YOU like to share your passions with others and lead a roundtable discussion? Share your thoughts with your peers from around the world? Now’s your chance to do just that.
The the Operational Excellence Society help you.

Featured Books

The Book

Podcast with the Author

Operational Excellence

Enterprise Readiness System

Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness System

You can’t become a high-performance organization without having the capacity and capability to deliver – and this is especially true when it comes to your most important assets – your team.
The Readiness Institute’s education and training system is world-class and is accredited for continuing education credits. It’s integrated learning approach will maximize the retention of the knowledge and, if our prescriptive approach is followed, will never be a cost to your organization.
Click below to receive your free copy of the Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness System (OpEx-ERS) white-paper and module guide.
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You are Unique;

But not Special

Build Organizational Capacity and Capability;

For Free


State of Readiness is a podcast set as a fireside chat between Joseph Paris and a select industry leader.

In it, we discuss the guest’s journey and lessons learned so that the listener might not have to pay as much tuition to the “University of Life” as we have.

Listen to them all here…

State of Readiness invites Ben Guttmann; Author of “Simply Put”

In this conversation, Ben shares with us his wanting to help people improve the effectiveness of their communication by writing less and simpler, not more; and the importance to being more clear and concise to get the message across.

Give a listen here…

a podcast that delves into the complexity of modern supply chains and logistics.
And a website that delivers the latest news and trends for the Supply Chain and Logistics professional.

A freight market turnaround in 2024

Tender rejection data in the FreightWaves SONAR data platform indicates the freight market bottomed on May 14. Since then, conditions for carriers have slowly been improving.

Click here to read…

Supply Chain: 2023 So Far in 10 Data Points

Our core scenario is that 2023 is the year that supply chains return to normal and companies turn to long-term supply chain strategies.

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The Outliers Inn; a podcast where we examine and discuss the more odd goings-on in life, in business, and in the world, with your hosts; JP and Mule (and sometime Don “The Beer Man”.

Listen to them all here…

The Outliers Inn | Oktoberfest

As JP and Mule sip on some suds, they share their recent goings-on; from the fondness JP’s dog has for a plush toy, to Mule’s first-hand encounter with the current culture of California, to a variety of vehicle problems shared by staff and visitors alike.

Give a listen here…

Building Awareness

of Your OpEx/CI Offerings

The Operational Excellence Society is the center of gravity for the discipline and its reach is almost 1,000,000 people.
Our audience:
 – 80% have budgetary and P/L authority; 
 – 55% work at companies with greater than 1,000 employees and 
 – 30% working at companies with greater than 10,000 employees.
We offer a variety of services including; marketing strategy development, content creation, podcast production, social media campaigns and outreach, and much, much, more.
Contact us if you would like to share your ambitions and discuss how we can partner to get your offering in front of people who are interested in how you can drive value to them.
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Featured Sponsor: eschbach

A serial contributor to the Operational Excellence Society, Andreas Eschbach, President of eschbach GmbH, is a thought leader who shares his insights on the future of OEE in a collection of articles.

Read All Articles Here…

Thought Food

Performance through people: Transforming human capital into competitive advantage

How to Find Your Purpose

Human capital at work: The value of experience

Interim Talent

Get the Help You Need…

Sometimes we get caught because of an unplanned separation of an employee who was performing a key role in the company or project. Sometimes we have a short-term need for an experienced specialist to help push through a deliverable.

But time is the enemy. This is not a situation where you can take the time to recruit. The need is now, and help is available.

Click here to get the help you need now, today.

Featured Article

Building Structurally Sound Communication

Be it a marketing campaign, an internal memo, or even a personal text message, we need the messages that shape our life and business to be structurally sound in order to be effective. The challenge is that, for most of us, communication doesn’t have to be scientific jargon or in a foreign language to be unreadable.

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The OpEx Vault

The Strategic HR Department

It is the primary purpose of an HR Department to manage an organization’s most valuable asset, which is its people. After all, the HR department is supposedly responsible for managing the recruitment, hiring, onboarding, training, development, and retention of employees.  

So why do so many do such a poor job of it?

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Coming SOON!


There is something pretty exciting brewing at the Operational Excellence Society and a few of its partners.

We can’t say exactly what it is yet, but stay tuned and don’t touch that dial! We will be right back (hint, hint).

Stay tuned to this channel…

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