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2022 October
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Founder’s Corner – Joseph Paris
It takes a special kind of person to be an entrepreneur. Most of the time, we are ducks on the water; looking calm on the surface while paddling furiously below.
There are times when we are hungry. We are hungry for sales, we are hungry for talent, we are hungry for recognition, we are hungry for acceptance.
But we are at our hungriest when out of cash; then we are willing to eat stone soup.
As founder of the Operational Excellence Society, Joseph Paris has contributed well over 100 articles spanning a decade and across a wide range of business topics.
Click here to browse all of his articles. There will surely be one of relevance and interest to you.

We live in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. And the competitive advantage will go to the company that is ready to face the challenges; see further beyond the horizon, recognize opportunities and threats sooner, and be able to device and deploy decisive responses faster.

My book, “State of Readiness” has been endorsed by senior leaders at some of the most respected and well-known companies in the world today. With Foreword by Andrew Lambert, FEIT; VP of Production and Supply Chain at SpaceX.
If you are not quite ready to buy a copy of “State of Readiness” for yourself (or a colleague) just yet but are interested in learning more?
Connect with Joseph Paris
Operational Excellence Program Design and Deployment
Operational Excellence Program Design and Deployment
They say that “up to 70% of Operational Excellence and Continuous improvement programs fail.”  
Don’t be one of them. Be the exception, not the rule.
“Fail to plan, plan to fail.” To help you, your program, and your company to be successful, XONITEK has created a Program Architecting Whitepaper where you will find the best practices for the planning stage of an OpEx/CI program.
If you follow our prescriptive approach, the roll-out of your program will almost be anti-climactic.
Even if you already have a program, you can use it as a benchmark to see how your efforts compare.
Click below to receive a copy of our 20+ page Best-Practices Program Architecting Whitepaper.
Featured Article
Mark McGrath and Hunter Hastings team together to deliver this article on the challenges facing entrepreneurs (and all companies) operating in a world that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) and how understanding how to Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act (OODA) might help you face the perils.
Learning Opportunities
Would YOU like to share your passions with others and lead a roundtable discussion? Share your thoughts with your peers from around the world? Now’s your chance to do just that.
The the Operational Excellence Society help you.
Featured Books
Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness System
Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness System
You can’t become a high-performance organization without having the capacity and capability to deliver – and this is especially true when it comes to your most important assets – your team.
The Readiness Institute’s education and training system is world-class and is accredited for continuing education credits. It’s integrated learning approach will maximize the retention of the knowledge and, if our prescriptive approach is followed, will never be a cost to your organization.
Click below to receive your free copy of the Operational Excellence Enterprise Readiness System (OpEx-ERS) white-paper and module guide.
State of Readiness is a podcast set as a fireside chat between Joseph Paris and a select industry leader. In it, we discuss the guest’s journey and lessons learned so that the listener might not have to pay as much tuition to the “University of Life”
A conversation where we discuss the challenges living in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous and how observing, orienting, deciding, and acting are the counter-measures to help you survive.
a podcast that delves into the complexity of modern supply chains and logistics.
EY conducted a survey of supply chain approaches at 525 large corporations across Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the United States (US). This article shares the results and insights of that survey.
Modest improvements are showing up in gauges maintained by forecasters. But the gradual end of the supply crunch might give way to another potential headache: a slump in consumer demand and an ugly inventory pileup.
The Outliers Inn; a podcast where we examine and discuss the more odd goings-on in life, in business, and in the world, with your hosts; JP and Mule.
In this episode, the hosts at The Outliers Inn talk about it being harvest time and how the seeds we have sown earlier in the year are about to yield their bounty. But of course, some seeds take longer to mature than others. How do we manage while we wait?
Building Awareness of Your OpEx/CI Offerings
The Operational Excellence Society is the center of gravity for the discipline and its reach is almost 1,000,000 people.
Our audience:
 – 80% have budgetary and P/L authority; 
 – 55% work at companies with greater than 1,000 employees and 
 – 30% working at companies with greater than 10,000 employees.
We offer a variety of services including; marketing strategy development, content creation, podcast production, social media campaigns and outreach, and much, much, more.
Contact us if you would like to share your ambitions and discuss how we can partner to get your offering in front of people who are interested in how you can drive value to them.
Featured Sponsor: eschbach
A serial contributor to the Operational Excellence Society, Andreas Eschbach, President of eschbach GmbH, is a thought leader who shares his insights on the future of OEE in a collection of articles.
Thought Food
Interim Talent
Get the Help You Need…
Sometimes we get caught because of an unplanned separation of an employee who was performing a key role in the company or project. Sometimes we have a short-term need for an experienced specialist to help push through a deliverable.
But time is the enemy. This is not a situation where you can take the time to recruit. The need is now, and help is available.
The OpEx Vault
All too often, companies will acquire some resource and then look for its purpose, sometimes they are just seduced by the notion. It’s best to have the end in mind before you start.
Coming SOON!
There is something pretty exciting brewing at the Operational Excellence Society and a few of its partners.
We can’t say exactly what it is yet, but stay tuned and don’t touch that dial! We will be right back (hint, hint).
Featured Article
Philip Holt shares why he believes that Lean is not just for manufacturers, but as a guide for living one’s life.
The point of this article isn’t to look outwardly but inwardly and what he hopes that it will help you to think about is how Living Lean can help you to meet your personal improvement goals and to live both your personal and professional life in the way that you want to do.
Trust Me… I’m an Engineer
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