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November 2019

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Someone asked, “What is your ‘Superpower’?”  I told them that I am able to take a complex situation and distill it down to its major elements, prioritize the efforts necessary, and devise and deploy decisive responses – all in a fraction of the time it would take others.  This is not because I am smart, but because I have gained wisdom; with wisdom being knowledge plus experience.  Age can have its advantages.

“Price is What You Pay; Value is What You Get” – Warren Buffet





Founder’s Corner

Operational Excellence – A Personal Case Study
I write often about Operational Excellence.  How we live in a world of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (
VUCA).  How time is the enemy of the 21
st century company and that the organization that knows and trusts its capabilities (and also where they are lacking) is better prepared to synthesize decisions from imperfect data – operating within its own
OODA Loop.  And how an organization can operate at its best when it is operating as an organization.

But how does this translate outside a company?  Can we use these techniques to achieve success in our personal lives as well as in our professional?

I also have written that clarity of purpose is essential.  That alignment and commitment cannot be achieved unless we all know and share a vision of the future – a vision defined in absolute and unambiguous terms.

We recently moved from one house near Frankfurt to another.  It was a test of our “state of readiness”; whether we had a level of operational excellence and could operate as a high-performing team.  The results were mixed…


by Joseph Paris


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Featured Article

The Simplicity of Lean

This is an except from Chapter-1, Introduction from my book, “The Simplicity of Lean”. Lean means many things to many people and its success or failure is important to a large number of stakeholders: customers, employees, management, shareholders, suppliers, and society as a whole. Is Lean a toolkit? Is it about cost saving? Is it a way of thinking? Or is it a fundamental and strategic shift in the culture of an organization? The importance of this question to each of the stakeholders might appear different but essentially, getting the answer right will result in each of the stakeholders benefitting…

by Philip Holt

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JP welcomes Dale Bayley, the Lean Director of the Filtration Group of Parker Hannifin to this edition of State of Readiness.  Dale shares the fascinating story of his journey:  How he started from humble beginnings, growing-up in a blue-collar and hard-working family; how he got a job as a production assembler at Parker Hannifin in 1978; and his journey to becoming Lean Director.  Give a listen…



JP and Antler boy discuss the challenges of moving and, in particular, getting rid of waste – all the refuse that a person accumulates over the years and does not discard because they are lazy or can’t.  Our call-in guests, Denis and Dimitri discuss a different kind of waste; the challenges with the amount of food that is wasted around the world – and, in particular, an interesting notion that food waste is a significant contributor to CO2.

Listen now!

OpEx Vault

Getting the Most Value from your Holiday Season



Thanksgiving Day
feast is barely digested – yet there is still a week or so of leftovers remaining.  I remember, as a child growing-up in
Endicott, New York
, always marveling at the variety of dishes that could be made from the remnants.  With so many leftovers from every dish served during the prior day’s feast; gastronomically speaking, the day after Thanksgiving was very much like Thanksgiving Day itself – the only major difference being; instead of watching
football games
we would go Holiday Shopping.



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