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July 2020
Monthly Musing
The phrase, “The Dog Days of Summer” has its origin from the Greeks and the Romans with Sirius, or Dog Star, rising just before the sun in late July.

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Joseph Paris
Vehicles for Change
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Featured Articles; OEE
The editorial staff decided to dedicate this month’s edition to OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), which is a framework for measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of a process.

All articles by Andreas Eschbach;
CEO and Founder of eschbach GmbH
People-Centric Digitalization

Technology is everywhere; pervasive and inescapable. Intended to make lives and work easier, less boring, and safer, while simultaneously accelerating the ways we interact with one another and doing business. But as with the introduction of anything “new”, there is a level of anxiety that is felt by the people the technology will touch. It’s a difficult balance. And if the balance is not achieved, the people will be resistant.
The Benefits of Glocalization

“Glocalization” is a  portmanteau , or blending, of “globalization” and “localization”. It is the idea of acting with global intent but with local adaptations; the notion of “think globally, but act locally.” The glocalization of your business will result in a standardization of the various processes and procedures under which your business operates – and they are applied to the local circumstance to the extent they can be.
Social Distancing Enablement for your Plant

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have entered a very strange time, a transformative time. The questions most asked will be; Do employees need to work so close together without real reason? What are those reasons? Do these restrictions strike a balance between health and safety and maintaining morale? How will these changes affect the existing communication protocols? What are the risks, and how these risks can be mitigated?
Click the link below for some insights into what the future of plant operation in the post-COVID world might look like and how to meet those challenges.
Supporting Human Work – Digitally
Chances are, when we were growing up, our parents would express their being thankful for a “Guardian Angel” and keeping us safe from harm and generally looking out for our well-being. Certainly, some Guardian Angels seemed to have to work much harder than others.
Today, we rely far less on poltergeists, apparitions, and the spirit world. Instead, we trust in our training, our colleagues, our equipment, and how we collect, evaluate, and make decisions from all the sources of information at our disposal. The risks here are to be found in the gaps between the information and it being received in a timely and complete manner.
Jason Prochilo; Vice President of Operations at Edel Golf LLC

In this episode of the SoR Podcast, Jason shares his journey from being an enlisted grunt in the US Marines Corps, where he was recognized for his leadership capabilities and given the opportunity to hone them, to becoming the VP of Ops at Edel Golf. It’s a very interesting and enjoyable conversation.
Navigating Beyond…

Having been a bit beat down from being locked down, Antlerboy is in much better spirits from working his London garden. JP is also itching to get back into the game.

Our guests share their thoughts about getting back to business and what that might look like; especially with telephony as the new norm.
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