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February, 2020

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“True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, 

ourselves, and the world around us.”   – Socrates



Founder’s Corner

Scaling and Sustaining
Your Education and Training Program



I have been helping companies design and deploy their Operational Excellence (“OpEx”) and Continuous Improvement (“CI”) programs for a very long time.  Mind you, I was not born with this knowledge.  Rather I gained this knowledge by working with companies and observing the challenges they faced and helping them to overcome those challenges – and with that experience, converted the knowledge into wisdom.
There is one aspect of designing and deploying a successful OpEx program to which I have devoted a considerable amount of energy; that of education and training.  In this regard, I have had the good fortune of being exposed to the challenges facing organizations as well as being on the Advisory Board of Binghamton University‘s Systems Science and Industrial Engineering Department – balancing corporate needs with the rigors of academia.  The retention of what is being learned, and applying that learning to the tangible benefit of the company and the person being taught, is what motivates me.

In one of my previous articles, “Integrated (Blended)

 Learning“, I shared an approach to learning that would deliver education in a way that; the retention rate was maximized, the investment requirements minimized, and (if done properly) would generate benefits beyond any hard and soft costs necessary to deliver


by Joseph Paris


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Operational Excellence Program Architecting Whitepaper

Fail to plan, plan to fail.”
To help you, your program, and your company to be successful, XONITEK has created a Program Architecting Whitepaper that will walk you though the planning stage of an OpEx/CI program. If you already have a program, you can use it as a benchmark!
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Featured Article

Supporting Human Work – Digitally


Chances are, when we were growing up, our parents would express their being thankful for a “Guardian Angel” and keeping us safe from harm and generally looking out for our well-being.  Certainly, some Guardian Angels seemed to have to work much harder than others.


Today, we rely far less on poltergeists, apparitions, and the spirit world.  Instead, we trust in our training, our colleagues, our equipment, and how we collect, evaluate, and make decisions from all the sources of information at our disposal.  The risks here are to be found in the gaps between the information and it being received in a timely and complete manner.


by Andreas Eschbach

OpEx Enterprise Readiness System


You can’t become a 

high-performance organization without


well-rounded education and training. Therefore, The Readiness Institute
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Thought Food




In this transformative age,
is trust the most
valued currency?

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JP welcomes Dr Cynthia Young and discusses
Knowledge Management and Innovation on Firm Performance of United States Ship Repair among other things with one of the most self made of self made people you can imagine…



Topic:  In this episode of The Outliers Inn, we talk about the risks involved in falling iguana’s, long-flights and sore bums, speculating on government numbers, eating bats, and preparing for retirement (or semi-retirement).
Antlerboy and JP start-off by sharing their experiences on recent travels with Antlerboy going to Southeast Asia and JP going to Florida.  We share some of our travel habits but the one we have in common is that neither of us can understand how a person can justify the added expense of a business-class ticket


 Listen Here

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Government; Has the need but lacks the will, even the want.




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