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Convenient Half-Truths with which Everyone Chooses to Live;
Force Multipliers for High-Performance Teams;
Why Do Some Dashboards Succeed… and Others Fail?

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May 2011

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EU Operational Excellence Summit

3rd Annual

The High-Performance Organization in a Frictionless World

The XONITEK Group of Companies is very pleased to announce the 3rd Annual EU Operational Excellence Summit – EU Flagwith this year’s venues being in:

– June 7th; Budapest, Hungary 

– June 9th; Milan, Italy  

PDF icon–  Full Event Program 

This event might be the most worthwhile day you will spend this year – hearing some of the most interesting and dynamic business leaders discuss the challenges of the day and how you may best be prepared and overcome.

Click here for full event details including Speaker Roster and Registration Information.




Convenient Half-Truths with which Everyone Chooses to Live

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies

Several years ago I had an awakening.  I came to the realization that technology, by and large, did not live-up to its promises and that this gap between promises and reality was ever widening.  This was (and is) especially true of business information systems – most usually referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

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Force Multipliers for High-Performance Teams 

By John “Hatch” Borneman

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, “solid” teamwork is critical for delivering outstanding results.  In order to truly achieve extraordinary results your team needs to lock on to key best practices or what we call Force Multipliers.  The following are four critical Force Multipliers that can help make your team a High Performing Team.

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Why Do Some Dashboards Succeed?

… and Others Fail?

By Rita Hadden
Some industry experts are pointing out that the recent rapid expansion of data dashboards has often provided limited utility.  Yet we have seen interactive dashboards that have transformed the practices of technology groups, effectively engaged the American public in national transitions and dramatically increased operational effectiveness.

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