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Guerrilla Transformation – Change an Insurgency into a Movement;
The Case for New Leadership Skills for the Lean Six-Sigma Practitioner;
Take Responsibility for Two Worlds 

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March 2011

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Guerrilla Transformation; Change an Insurgency into a Movement

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies


A business and its culture will not change without a disruptor.  And an external disruptor thrust upon a business will be traumatic in its form and response.  But what if a disruptor can be engineered and introduced from within the business? Unfortunately, the Nash Equilibrium states that such will not ever be the case.  This means that some event from outside the business-proper must be introduced for a disruption to occur.

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The Case for New Leadership Skills for the Lean Six-Sigma Practitioner.

By Patricia V. Tyre

While it may be sad to see them go, the days of top down driven Lean Six Sigma or Operational Excellence efforts are long gone. Fading from memory are those leaders of the methodology – wielding recommendations of “cascading the commitment” to the cause of Quality.  Our existing leadership just doesn’t have it in them anymore.  So is there anyone to replace them? Where are the leaders of today that can maintain the drum beat of continuous improvement?  What new set of skills do we need to foster to bring about continuous change?

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Take Responsibility for Two Worlds

By Charles E. Smith PhD

Six Sigma and other significant development projects too often do not fulfill their promise.  In business, the public sector, academic and military sectors, failure and missed expectations plague innovation projects, technology implementations and other programs. While success is often achieved, many organizations place too great an emphasis on technical solutions and fail to anticipate how the perspectives and interrelationships of key participants can create obstacles that yield failure and loss.

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