Scaling and Sustaining Your Education and Training Program

I have been helping companies design and deploy their Operational Excellence (“OpEx”) and Continuous Improvement (“CI”) programs for a very long time.  Mind you, I was not born with this knowledge.  Rather I gained this knowledge by working with companies and observing the challenges they faced and helping them to overcome those challenges – and


Topic:  We do another theme-based episode, this time on “New Year’s Resolutions”.  It doesn’t matter whether they are funny or serious ones, but it does matter that your word and resolve is so useless that you can’t keep a promise to yourself.  In that case, you might not even have any resolutions.  But if you do,

State of Readiness – Caroline Bondier: KONE Corporation

With fifteen years of international work experience, Caroline Bondier joined with KONE Corporation in 2011 as a CRM Business Analyst and has moved up the ranks of leadership to her present position as the Director, Process Development and Program Management for KONE’s Modernization Business Line.  After some struggle to find work, Caroline started her career