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2011-Feb: Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter

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RFID: Ubiquitous in America…and Coming Soon to the EU;
Lean Leadership – The Invisible Force;
Voids Letting Case Study 

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February 2011

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RFID: Ubiquitous in America…

… and Coming Soon to the EU.

By Joseph Paris; Chairman, XONITEK Group of Companies


When I was a child, I remember the prices on products at the store were merely stickers with a currency value on them. Sometimes, there were several stickers – one on top of the other – and you could see if the price had changed upwards or downwards.

There was no easy way to identify the specific products being bought or sold, not to mention their inventory value.  The manual “cycle-counts” consumed a tremendous amount of staff-time and were largely inaccurate because all you really had was a product and manufacturer’s number.

Soon, all this manual effort would give way to a truly revolutionary system which will transform the way inventory is managed – and ultimately make the global supply chain, and globalization itself, a reality.

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Lean Leadership – The Invisible Force

By Thomas Thorsted & Peter Knorst

Lean leadership is probably very much aligned with what you call your ‘way of management’.  Much in the Lean leadership definition is probably what you already have in your company’s fundamentals and in your definition of good leadership.  So what is your problem in getting started?  Lean leadership will only bring all this good stuff in to action.  It brings alive what most companies have already stated in their policies.  To get started take a look of these 5 fundamental habits of a Lean leader:

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Voids Letting Case Study

By Eirian Lewis

A housing association working in the UK reported that a turnover of nearly £115m provides approximately 16,000 homes for more than 30,000 people.  It wanted to improve its voids and re-letting service.  In particular, it was interested in the impact on its business and its customer satisfaction, as well as the time required to undertake the work (a 3 month target had been set) and how effective the approach would be in engaging with staff and current organizational culture.

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