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Sie brauchen was?!  Es dauert wie lange?!

By Joseph F Paris Jr, Chairman

“You need what?!”…  “It will take how long?!” 

I have uttered these two questions more than any others during my move to Frankfurt, Germany.  It seems that everything has involved a considerable process – a rather slow and convoluted process at that.  More often than not, the experience has been frustrating, comical, and largely absurd.  If there is a value to large swaths of the “required tasks” to come to the conclusion of any given process, it is lost on me.

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A Fighter Pilot’s Culture of Performance

By Carey “Vixen” Lohrenz

A rapidly changing environment isn’t a phenomenon that only fighter pilots face. Increasing health, energy, and education costs combined with increasing global competition, developing a strong Culture of Performance is essential for all organizations. Sticking to proven Continuous Improvement processes, combined with developing High Performing Organization behaviors, will allow you to concurrently satisfy customer requirements while maintaining sustainable growth, as well as profitable financial margins ensuring your current and future organizational long-term health.

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Calling Their Baby “Ugly”

By Jerry Linnins
Sooner or later in your consulting career, you will find yourself in the somewhat awkward position of having to listen to a client proudly describe what you are sure is the worst conceived performance intervention you have ever heard. Imagine, it has taken you months to get them this excited about anything. You listen in horror as they lay out a plan of action that goes directly against everything you have been trying to teach them. Your carefully selected mountain of articles, books, periodicals, and data seems to have had no impact. It is as if they have not read any of it at all. 

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