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                                                     January 2010   

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Weighing in on Healthcare…

By Joseph F Paris Jr
20's cropI have refrained from discussing Healthcare in my articles because the topic is so politically polarized.  If I say that I am “for” healthcare reform, I am labeled a “socialist” (or worse) who is against free-markets – and if I say that I am against healthcare reform, then I am a heartless free-market capitalist.

I wonder, “Why the labels”?

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Getting There from There…

By Charles E. Smith, PhD

Most of us give up trying to change the world.  Even the Lone Ranger only stopped bad guys in the neighborhood.  Oil companies really don’t want to see the end of oil. Arms manufacturers really don’t want to see the end of war.  Pharmaceutical companies don’t look forward to the end of disease.  Congress doesn’t want lobbyists to go away.  Even I’m happy and feel a little bad when my consulting clients solve their problems.  No one wants to see the end of their meal ticket. 

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Practical Implementation of Lean into Transactional Process Environments 

By Mark Harper
5 Key Area’s

1) Using Lean concepts to bring operational efficiencies to the business in a short time-frame

2) Focusing effort on areas that are perceived to have high fixes-costs

3) Maximizing the value from existing processes before re-engineering

4) Measuring process capacity and identifying waste

5) Providing leaders with the right information to manage operational environments

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