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2009-Nov: Operational Excellence by Design eNewsletter

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                     November 2009                            


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– A cross-disciplinary approach in the pursuit of perfection. 

When “Information” Becomes “Noise”

By Joseph F Paris Jr
20's cropIt seems that every day brings with it a new way to pass information – some to varying degrees of want.  With a constant stream of data and touch-points, when does it all become a blended and deafening cacophony of “noise”?  How can one “squelch” out the static and focus on that which is truly important?  How can we take back control of our personal airspace?

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Executive Presence: What is it & How to get it.

By Stephen Long, PhD
Executive Presence is demonstrating the judgment and character to do the right thing-to be the leader who’ll get the job done with integrity while inspiring others to fully commit to the task, mission and vision.  It has less to do with titles and hierarchy and more to do with the judgment and competency that enables high performance to occur. They think and do. 

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Small Teams – Big Results 

By Kelvin F Cross

Small teams in large corporations can ‘out small’ today’s successful smaller players, and win big.  For the largest companies in some key sectors – such as telecommunications,technology, and financial services – there is the potential to eliminate 25-50% of their customer care costs.   They can win big by reconnecting those who sell and deliver a customer experience with those who attempt to salvage a poor customer experience, and put them on the same team.

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Possibility Deficit Disorder (PDD)

By Charles E Smith & Donald Duprey

PDD is a major cause of the lack of innovation in corporations and national competitiveness.  Successful innovation is the basis of competitive success in business, government, and in life itself.  There is an inverse relationship between the inability to create and sustain new possibilities and the ability to invent and sustain innovation.  The condition precludes becoming aware of the fact that the lack of possibility is the root of the problem.

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Industry Events

Nov-17th ACG/EACC:A view of Global Private Equity 

Nov-19th TMA-NY:
7th Annual Holiday Cocktail Reception 
Nov-19th ACG-NY:  Go-Kart Racing and Networking Event

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